Soak & Smile Retainer Cleaner Kit Designed to Save Time and Frustration

January 27, 2016
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Retainer Cleaner Kit

Sanford, FL - Soak & Smile has recently launched their new dental appliance cleaning kit through Monika’s Marketplace on The dental appliance kit was created with the end customer in mind, to help them save time and frustration of buying the different pieces that users need to keep their dental appliances clean.

To solve this problem, Soak & Smile put everything in one package, including the dental cleaning tablets, wash basket, and a brush for extra scrubbing if needed. This eliminates the need to buy each piece separately.

The new dental kit can be used for a variety of different dental appliances such as invisalign, night guards, dentures and teeth whitening trays. Although it can be used for many different dental appliances it has been the most popular as a retainer cleaner.

The kit is also designed to be easy to use. Users simply fill the wash basket with warm water, drop in one of the Soak & Smile retainer cleaning tablets, then add the dental appliance and let it soak for about 5 minutes. Once finished soaking, if needed the brush can be used for extra scrubbing.

“My daughter just recently got retainers and of course, we needed to get her something to keep them clean. I was familiar with Retainer Brite, but I checked out the reviews for Soak & Smile and decided to get this package instead. So far, it’s working great and I just ordered the refill tablets.” Said Mellissa, a happy customer.

Instead of customers having to buy each piece on an individual basis, maybe even from different stores, Soak & Smile has it all together in one package.

“We know all the pieces that are involved with keeping your retainer or whatever dental appliance you are wearing, clean. So to make it easy we put it all in one package. Saves the end user time and money,” said Rose a company representative.

Soak & Smile’s retainer cleaner kit, refill tablets and wash and brush set can be found on


SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Soak & Smile:

Soak & Smile specializes in dental appliance accessories. These include dental cleaner tablets, wash baskets and brushes.

Contact Soak & Smile:

Soak & Smile
5524 W State Rd 46
Sanford, Fl 32771

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