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Best Cooler Reviews by Luke and Greg Now Offering Authentic Cooler and Ice Chest Reviews

January 19, 2016
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Best Cooler Reviews by Luke and Greg is a blog that has recently been published. The blog is now offering tips and advice on coolers and ice chests, with regular new blog posts and reviews.

Honest product review sites are a rarity. With lots of websites promoting products, there is an ever-present need for honest reviews so that consumers can get the best for the money they pay. Blog authors Greg and Luke wanted to make a review site about coolers and ice chests where everything was based on user experience and all the reviews were authentic. After conducting months of research and surveys, was finally published.

The blog currently boasts a number of blog posts and reviews on various different brands of outdoor coolers and ice chests. The authors of the blog state that both of them are outdoor recreation enthusiasts who travel a lot, with their coolers and ice chests being their essential carry-along items. They wanted to create something that would give the public authentic information and reviews.

The spokesperson for the blog made an official statement in which he discussed the endeavors of authors Luke and Greg “ website is soon to become the most resourceful site about coolers & ice chests in the US and a #1 destination for those users who are looking to learn more about different types of coolers, compare different brands, individual models before they decide to get their own cooler.”

He further added “The aim behind the blog is to direct consumers to what is best for them. Sometimes products are low quality but sell more due to clever marketing. Due to this blog, users can find the cooler that actually has the features and is well worth the money. New content is being added to the site every day and founders - Luke and Greg - are determined to grow the site into a #1 authority website about coolers.”

The blog can be seen at

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

Download as PDF Single Release RSS Feed
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