let go paper™ Announces Free Shipping on All Orders

May 13, 2014
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Mississauga, Ontario – Pathway to Enlightenment, Inc., the makers and distributors of let go paper™, a unique paper product that dissolves in water, announced that it is offering Free Shipping on all of its products. Since the nature of journal writing is for the eyes of the writer only, the ability to dissolve in water makes let go paper™ the perfect medium for absolute privacy. Pathway to Enlightenment is committed to helping others and feels that by offering free shipping it will be able to reach those who need let go paper™ the most.

What is let go paper? Let go paper™ is a specially made paper that has the ability to instantly dissolve in water. Unlike regular paper, which turns to a mushy pulp when wet, let go paper™ dissolves without a trace. This eco-friendly paper is perfect for those who want to write private things down but fear someone reading what they've written. Mental health professionals encourage writing down feelings as a way of discarding self-destructive emotions and relieving stress. And, since water is the symbol of cleansing and forgiveness, dissolving their writings in water instead of a more destructive way, such as shredding or burning, helps the writer feel at peace with letting go of hurtful feelings.

After writing, the writer can simply drop the paper into a bowl of water and stir. Right before the user’s eyes, let go paper™ is Gone in 3 seconds!

The beautifully handmade journals, containing from 15 to 150 sheets of let go paper™, are sold as kits. Customers can choose from several covers, which feature inspirational, hand-stamped quotes. These kits are entirely hand-made in Canada, involving the craftsmanship of several different artisans, each handling the kit with intention and believing that they are contributing to the well-being of the person who will receive it.

Only materials from FSC-certified forests are used in the making of the let go paper™ kits. These forests are managed to protect rare and endangered plants and wildlife. Even the packaging of the kits is eco-friendly, made entirely from post-recycled consumer paper.

Let go paper™ can be purchased from http://letgopaper.com/. No matter the quantity ordered or the destination, all orders receive Free Shipping.

About let go paper™

Free Shipping on all the let go paper™ products is in alignment with the beliefs of Pathway to Enlightenment. They believe this is a service that is the right thing to do as they are in the business of helping people and making them happy.

Contact: David Peterson
416-400-7779 or [email protected]
3941 Eglinton Ave W
Mississauga, ON L5M 8A7

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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