Arrowhead Clinic on Hidden Injuries: Seek Immediate Care After Minor Car Accident

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Savannah, Georgia -

Arrowhead Clinic has put out a detailed blog post about the importance of getting medical care after minor car accidents. Dr. Jeremy Thompson wrote the article to explain that injuries from these accidents might not show up right away. This is often because the adrenaline from the accident can hide pain symptoms. Arrowhead Clinic advises getting a medical checkup immediately to ensure timely treatment and documentation, which can be vital for insurance claims.

In the blog, Dr. Thompson mentions various injuries that could appear days or even weeks after an accident, such as neck pain, shoulder pain, spinal cord damage, nerve damage, and internal injuries. He emphasizes that early medical attention can help prevent long-term health problems. The blog also notes that delaying medical care can cause issues in legal matters. Insurance companies might question the severity of injuries if they aren't documented promptly.

"Our clinic focuses on identifying and treating hidden injuries that don't show symptoms immediately after an accident," said Dr. Jeremy Thompson. "It's important to get a medical evaluation even after minor accidents to detect any underlying issues."

Arrowhead Clinic uses chiropractic care to treat the root cause of pain rather than just the symptoms. Their services include comprehensive rehabilitation programs that address the entire musculoskeletal and nervous systems. This holistic approach ensures that each patient gets well-rounded care suited to their needs.

In the blog post, Dr. Thompson highlights the role of a personal injury chiropractor after car accidents. Arrowhead Clinic’s chiropractors assess and treat injuries without relying on medication or surgeries. They use treatments such as Computer-Guided Spinal Decompression, Active Release Therapy, Electro Muscle Stimulation, Functional Movement Screening, and the Fascial Distortion Model. These advanced techniques aim to give immediate relief and support long-term recovery.

"Chiropractic care offers a non-invasive solution for those suffering from accident-related injuries," Dr. Thompson said. "Our goal is to help patients return to their normal lives as quickly as possible, using effective, evidence-based treatments."

Arrowhead Clinic also helps with insurance claims. Navigating insurance procedures can be tough, especially after an accident. The clinic offers expert guidance, thorough documentation, direct billing services, and coordination with personal injury lawyers to make the process easier for their patients.

The blog stresses the importance of medical records in helping patients get fair compensation from insurance companies. Arrowhead Clinic provides detailed medical documents vital for supporting claims. If legal help is needed, the clinic can refer patients to reputable personal injury attorneys. This ensures patients get the legal support necessary to secure fair compensation without out-of-pocket medical expenses.

For convenience, Arrowhead Clinic offers same-day appointments and walk-in options. Since accident-related injuries often require immediate attention, the clinic stays open late and on weekends to meet urgent medical needs.

Focusing on personalized care and advanced treatment methods, Arrowhead Clinic aims to promote holistic recovery for accident victims. Their dedicated staff works to ensure each patient gets a treatment plan tailored to their condition, improving the chance of full recovery.

Dr. Thompson adds, "Our commitment is not just to treat the symptoms but to offer a path to long-term health. We encourage anyone involved in an accident, no matter how minor, to seek medical evaluation immediately."

For more details on the services provided by Arrowhead Clinic, visit their services page at Those seeking specialized care after a personal injury can learn more about the role of a personal injury chiropractor in treatment and recovery at

Arrowhead Clinic has over four decades of experience serving the community in chiropractic care, personal injury treatment, and comprehensive rehabilitation. The clinic remains dedicated to delivering high-quality care and ensuring the well-being of their patients.

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