GreenMountain GreenWalls Elevates Interior Landscape Services In Vermont

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GreenMountain GreenWalls announces an innovative approach to bringing the serenity of nature into our indoor environments with their bespoke green walls. As an eco-conscious entity, they are pioneers in delivering sustainable yet aesthetic solutions for both businesses and homeowners desirous of reviving their indoor settings. The incorporation of living plants into their installations not only elevates the visual appeal of spaces but significantly betters the occupants' well-being.

Central to their ethos is the conviction that integrating the external natural world into interior spaces can markedly ameliorate air quality, mitigate stress, and enhance overall joy. Their dedication to cultivating greener, more exuberant indoor environments is palpable through each undertaking. To delve into their offerings, please visit

plants walls in the Interior space

Focusing on the design, installation, and upkeep of interior green walls, GreenMountain GreenWalls crafts living walls tailored to suit any indoor environment. These installations stand as a testament to a harmonious fusion between artistry and natural beauty, reimagining office spaces, lobbies, and residences. By weaving a diverse selection of plants into their creations, they ascertain that every piece not only captivates visually but also promotes air purification and moisture regulation. To explore more about their interior landscaping services, head over to

Beyond their website, GreenMountain GreenWalls also actively shares their most recent projects and sources of inspiration on their Instagram page. This platform is a window into the versatility and inventiveness their green walls can inject into various locales. You can view a gallery of their accomplished works at, each reflecting the transformative essence of integrating flora into interior design.

Thompson adds, “Our Instagram page is an excellent avenue for prospective clients to witness the breadth of possibilities offered by green walls. Each project mirrors our team’s unwavering commitment to enriching indoor climates, rendering them healthier and more pleasurable.”

GreenMountain GreenWalls is at the frontier of sustainable interior design, positioning the client's desires and the health merits of living walls at the forefront of their mission. Their pledge to innovation, excellence, and sustainability guarantees that each project not only meets but surpasses expectations. Ashley of Highline Design Studio praised their work, saying, "We recently worked with GreenMountain GreenWalls on two large projects: residential and commercial. Brady and his team were AMAZING! They went the extra mile to help us template the perfect shape for a complicated curved wall with an organic-shaped moss feature that integrated with wood and turned out better than anticipated. Communication, organization, and trust can’t be beaten. We are looking forward to working with them soon."

As the awareness of the imperative to weave natural elements into day-to-day spaces grows, GreenMountain GreenWalls is at the helm, ready to impart its expertise and services. Whether driven by aesthetic or wellbeing motives, their green walls present an enticing proposition for transforming indoor locales into verdant, effervescent settings.

For those keen on discovering more about GreenMountain GreenWalls and the prospect of infusing nature into their space, a visit to their website or Instagram page offers a thorough snapshot of their services and the extraordinary benefits of interior green walls.

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About GreenMountain GreenWalls :

At GreenMountain GreenWalls, we specialize in seamlessly blending the splendor of the outdoors with your indoor spaces. Immerse yourself in the world of our top-tier living plant walls and exquisite sculptures,

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