Professor Greg Watson Expands Educational Platform with Pioneering Ethics Course for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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Professor Watson, a comprehensive educational platform led by retired serial entrepreneur Dr. Greg Watson, is excited to announce an expansion of its course offerings. This expansion highlights a critical part of the curriculum, none other than the Ethics Course. Driven by a committed aim to instill both professional abilities and personal ethics in aspiring entrepreneurs, Dr. Watson's educational platform rapidly continues to carve a unique niche in the realm of business education. For those interested in exploring the platform's offerings or making inquiries, more information can be found on his website.

The revised course offerings from Dr. Watson's platform significantly bolster their pledge to prepare students with a wide array of skills, enhancing their ability to flourish in a competitive entrepreneurial landscape. The courses tackle everything from acquiring knowledge in marketing and advertising principles to navigating the intricacies of managing a small business. Now, these subjects have been further enhanced by the introduction of the Ethics Course.

Dr. Watson in the classroom

“Education remains the bedrock of any flourishing society, particularly within the entrepreneurial world," voiced Dr. Watson. "Our newly expanded course offerings aim to enrich the learning process, empowering students to acquire essential foundational abilities necessary in our challenging business environment. This improvement is exemplified by our Ethics Course, meticulously created to inculcate a robust moral compass in our upcoming business leaders."

Managed under Professor Watson's expert supervision, the small business management and entrepreneurship classes provide students with a holistic view of controlling a business in our fast-paced global economy. These classes include a multitude of subjects, such as feasibility analysis, different kinds of ownership and their challenges, risk management, international operations, among other critical areas.

The Principles of Marketing course acts as a primer into marketing communication strategies, whereas the Advertising class dives into the principles of advertising in a business context.

A highlight addition that distinctly differentiates Professor Watson’s platform is the Ethics Course. This specially crafted course emphasizes the paramount importance of ethical decision-making in the business sphere and industry workplace. It delves into ethical dilemmas in decision-making, ethical decision-making frameworks, personal value estimation and ethical priorities, and the application of ethical principles, among other facets.

"The business sphere today calls for a greater focus on ethics. Our Ethics Course ensures learners grasp and appreciate the role played by ethics in decision-making, preparing them as future charters of the business territory," stated Dr. Watson.

Dr. Watson's platform also notably hosts his research activities, serving as an extra slice of knowledge for learners. Although the specifics of this research are not on the surface, it's implied that his studies primarily target entrepreneurship, business management, marketing, and evidently, ethics. For more detailed insight into Dr. Watson’s research and academic offerings, please visit his website.

Along with the course offerings, the platform features an active contact section for students and inquisitive learners to interact with Dr. Watson and share their experiences. This promise of open discussion and cooperation highlights the supportive learning climate encouraged by Professor Watson.

Additionally, Dr. Watson's virtual Entrepreneurship Studio adds another layer to the coursework with interactive engagement. In this studio, Dr. Watson conducts office hours and works personally with students, enhancing the learning journey beyond conventional methods.

In essence, the revamped course offerings by Professor Watson, particularly featuring the new Ethics Course, act as invaluable tools for budding entrepreneurs. This strategic development ensures Dr. Watson's diverse, encompassing, and insightful teaching methods continue to inspire innovative minds striving to leave a strong imprint on the business world, armed with robust ethics and resilient principles.

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About Professor Watson :

Dr. Greg Watson is a retired serial entrepreneur, dedicated to giving back to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. He experienced dedicated college professor, thus a lifelong commitment to training, teaching, and giving to others was born

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Greg Watson

1255 N. Stone Ave. Tucson, AZ 85709-3000
(520) 270-7020


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