Silverline Structures Says Property Owners Can Experience Cutting Edge Construction with Their New Metal Garage Series

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Fort Lupton, Colorado -

Silverline Structures, a company offering custom steel buildings across the continental US, takes pride in the cutting edge construction used for fabricating their new metal garage series. These are steel-framed metal buildings that can be customized to fit the client’s specific requirements. They offer a variety of choices, including metal barn garage configurations and different styles of barn style metal buildings. Property owners can choose from their most popular steel metal barns or design their own with their 3D editor.

Barn style metal buildings can offer several advantages for property owners, which is why they are a popular choice for outdoor storage, including garages. First of all, these metal structures are very durable compared to buildings made from other materials, such as wood or plastic. They are very resistant to warping, rotting, and pest infestations. They can withstand different kinds of weather conditions and can last for several years without the need for extensive maintenance.

Prefabricated metal garage by Silverline Structures with combo garage carport, brown finish, and side door, surrounded by greenery

Another benefit provided by barn style metal buildings is their strength and security. The sturdiness of metal makes it more secure against theft and vandalism compared to other materials like wood. With robust locks and reinforced doors, property owners can rest assured their precious belongings are safe inside these metal buildings.

These metal buildings also offer versatility when it comes to design alternatives. They are available in different styles and sizes, enabling property owners to pick one that complements the aesthetics of the property while providing the function they need. These barn style metal buildings can suit their specific needs and preferences, whether they want a modern or traditional look.

These barn style metal buildings are also easier to assemble compared to other kinds of outdoor structures. These structures are typically provided with pre-drilled holes and detailed instructions for their assembly, which means property owners are able to save time and effort.

A spokesperson for Silverline Structures says, “Our steel structures are stamped and certified to meet your local building codes. Unlike traditional ‘pole barn’ buildings framed from wood, our structures are constructed of steel framing for a lifetime of use and reliability. We offer a wide range of steel framing and sheeting options to meet your needs.”

These metal buildings are the appropriate choice especially for properties: located in a coastal area; where flammable materials have to be stored; and where there is a concern regarding the aesthetics of the building. Buildings located near the sea are exposed to the harsh coastal elements but metal buildings are strongly resistant to corrosion due to saltwater and the high humidity levels. On the other hand, wooden buildings may rot or warp over time due to exposure to moisture.

Meanwhile, when flammable materials have to be stored inside the building, safety is of the highest priority. Steel or aluminum, which are often used for metal buildings, are strongly resistant to fire, which means they are secure materials in case there is an accidental ignition within the building. The metal structure will prevent the flames from easily spreading and causing extensive damage. Furthermore, unlike wooden structures, metal structures don’t provide fuel that can help the fires to grow fast. These metal buildings can also be provided with various safety features, such as ventilation systems, fire-resistant coatings, and insulation materials that further improve their ability to prevent fires from spreading.

Launched in Colorado, Silverline Structures builds quality steel structures for clients in 48 states across the country. They have cultivated strategic partnerships with dozens of steel manufacturers and steel fabrication shops all throughout North America to enable them to construct the metal buildings within days rather than months. They offer support to clients at various stages, from design to installation. Their steel structures are always certified to be in compliance with local building codes. The steel structures they build are made of steel framing to ensure they will last and continue to be usable and reliable for a lifetime.

Those who would like to know more about the barn style metal building can check out the Silverline Structures website or contact them on the phone or through email.

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