Businesses Achieve Instant Marketing Clarity With Boomcycle Digital Marketing’s Revolutionary New Marketing Intelligence System

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San Ramon, California -

Boomcycle Digital Marketing, based in San Ramon, CA, has introduced a new platform that will help businesses maximize the potential of their marketing budgets. The service is capable of providing real-time insights into marketing channels, thereby empowering businesses to rapidly make data-driven decisions.

As a prominent leader in SEO and digital marketing solutions, Boomcycle Digital Marketing is excited to announce the launch of its groundbreaking Marketing Intelligence System (MIS). According to the agency, MIS is designed for B2B and B2C companies that need to know which of their marketing channels are truly working. MIS is able to provide real-time tracking of multiple channels, from SEO and Google Ads to organic social media and even offline channels like radio, TV, and newspaper. There are several reasons why this places an incredible amount of power and agency in a business’ hands.

Get instant marketing clarity with Boomcycle

“Most businesses have no idea where their website leads come from,” observes Boomcycle Digital Marketing’s founder, David Victor. “Where were they before they landed on your website and called or submitted an inquiry? Our Marketing Intelligence System solves that pain, and in real-time.”

Victor explains that the sheer competitiveness of the modern marketing landscape has forced businesses to apply a certain degree of guesswork to determine which marketing channels would yield the best ROI. This is notoriously inefficient, given that the lack of consolidated, real-time data leads to inefficient budget allocation and missed opportunities.

The Marketing Intelligence System was built from the ground up to solve these problems. Pulling from their vast experience and expertise in digital marketing, Boomcycle Digital Marketing gives their clients the ability to eliminate all the guesswork by providing a comprehensive dashboard that tracks key performance indicators (KPIs) across all marketing channels. This places a number of new capabilities within a business’ reach.

For instance, businesses can use MIS to identify high-performing channels, allowing them to shift their focus and/or study channels that are demonstrably driving leads and revenue instead of wasting time and resources on unknowns. In turn, this allows them to allocate budgets an order of magnitude more efficiently, especially since they can direct marketing expenditures based on real-time insights. The elimination of guesswork gives businesses more confidence in their marketing strategies.

These advantages will have obvious utility to any business that has run marketing campaigns in the past, but the agency says it is important for them to understand exactly where MIS’ insights are generated from.

“I know lots of managers get glassy-eyed when we show them Google Analytics,” comments Victor. “Boomcycle's MIS gives immediately actionable insights that managers need to guide their marketing initiatives.”

MIS uses specific types of information to build an accurate representation of a marketing campaign’s results. This includes phone call tracking and recording (giving businesses the ability to understand the source of inbound calls to better assess channel performance), web form tracking (capturing and analyzing web form submissions to identify the most lucrative lead sources), chat and ecommerce integration (tracking customer interactions and conversions across multiple touchpoints) and more. The system is HIPAA-compliant, making it an ideal solution for healthcare and other industries that require stringent data protection.

Boomcycle Digital Marketing recognizes that many will want to test drive this new product as soon as possible, and the agency is delighted to share that they can start immediately. The company is offering an exclusive introductory rate of 50% Off for 3 Months — with a Bonus Analytics Report for a limited time to celebrate the launch. Interested parties are advised to sign up before February 1st, 2024 to take advantage of this special offer.

The agency states that a custom analytics report will also be provided at the end of the trial period. This report will summarize usage and show clearly which marketing channels are working for the business (and which are not).

Boomcycle Digital Marketing is a full-service digital agency that specializes in SEO, Google Ads management, content marketing, web design and more. The agency is keen to work with clients who want measurable results and a trusted partner with which to achieve their goals.

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