Go Industries Makes Rugged Affordable Mud Flaps That Can Be Installed By Truck Owners

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Go Industries is now offering durable and handsome mud flaps for trucks including DRT or dual rear tire pickups. Their commitment to offering long-lasting quality truck mud flaps is evident in their mud flap offerings line up which includes stainless and diamond tread options. Their mud flaps are made out of non-recycled rubber and measure 19” x 24” for all dual wheel trucks and 12” x 24” for single wheel.

“No dually trucks should be without mud flaps to protect against paint damage and flying debris kicked up by the four rear tires of the truck,” says the spokesperson for Go Industries Inc. “Moreover, the mud flaps should be tough, durable, and worthy to bear the wear and tear that they will undoubtedly encounter in the field. That’s where Go Industries Inc. comes in. Since 1978, we have been on the pulse of the truck accessories market providing long-lasting, durable, and handsome add-ons for truck owners. Our mud flaps are no exception. With quality second to none, the Go Industries Truck Mud Flaps are built tough and built to last.”

truck mud flaps for DRT

Truck tires are always in contact with all types of potentially paint-damaging items such as mud, small rocks, tar, and various kinds of debris. The fender wells have been designed to deflect these things but they are not able to prevent everything from reaching the paint of the truck. This is because the fender wells do not reach down to the tires, thus leaving a big area that is unprotected, allowing the tires to flip mud, stones, debris, and other things with strong impact on the paint of the truck and also the vehicles that are behind. This is particularly dangerous when the dually truck passes an area where there are a lot of small rocks, such as a construction site. The small rocks can hit the paint with such a strong force that they may cause dings and dents to the truck and other vehicles that happen to be behind the truck. Installing the proper size of mud flaps can help save money and time by protecting the truck from small rocks, mud, and other things that may damage the paint, requiring a costly paint job.

“For us, it has always been about quality,” says the spokesperson. “Our products today are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities utilizing computer-controlled manufacturing equipment and robotic welding machines. Moreover, all products are backed by a Go Industries warranty. With all parts proudly made in the USA, we urge you to check out our line of front-end truck accessories including Rancher Grille Guard, BigTex Grille Guard, Winch Application System, Medium Duty Grille Guards, and Bumper Replacement, back-end truck accessories including Air Flow Tailgates, Flat Iron Headache Racks, and Heavy Duty Headache Rack, mud flaps, steps, and law enforcement accessories for Chevrolet, Ford, and Dodge.”

Go Industries manufactures front end protection, bed and cab protection, step and mud flap accessories for trucks including truck grille guards, winch bumper replacements, winch system grille guards, truck racks, truck steps, law enforcement dual gun racks, P.I.T bumpers, full wrap police push bumpers, safe boxes, skid plates, double shaft trunk trays, window guards, truck steps, tailgates, truck rack systems, truck mud flaps and mud flaps for duallys. Go Industries has been building top quality, durable truck accessories since 1978 when the company was founded by R.J. Orth in Texas. The company specializes in providing long-lasting, rugged and durable truck accessories that are easy to install for truck owners. They also offer various custom manufacturing services for making vehicle accessories, tube services, sheet metal services and other services.

Readers can find out more about the mud flaps for dually trucks that Go Industries Inc. manufactures by visiting its website or contacting the company at (800) 527-4345.

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About Go Industries Inc :

Manufacturer of made in the USA truck accessories including grille guards, front end protection, bed and cab protection, mud flaps and steps. Home of the C4500-6500 no cut no drill tilt body, front folding grille guard for Ford and Chevy.

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