Personal Transformation and Development Course Master Key Experience 2023-24 Enrollment Open

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Kekaha, Hawaii -

Master Key Experience Personal Development

Registration is now open for the 2023-24 session of the Master Key Experience (MKE), a pioneering personal transformation program helping individuals achieve breakthroughs in self-awareness, purpose, and life fulfillment. MKE students say this program cuts through the five mental blocks to end frustration with unmet goals and procrastination. These five mental blocks are explained at the following link

Founded by renowned personal growth experts Mark and Davene Januszewski, the Master Key Experience guides participants through profoundly transformative inner work in small daily increments over 26 weeks. MKE is inspired by the wisdom from Charles F. Haanel's celebrated and influential self-help book "The Master Key System."

Each week, engaging training sessions unlock lessons on positive thinking, unwavering belief, goal setting, and overcoming hurdles that may seem impossible. Activities help participants develop positive habits and stay focused. Participants also learn powerful ways to talk with others and understand themselves better. These are skills that past participants state lasts a lifetime and help them flourish.

A vital component of the program that past participants value is the personal coaching. Every active participant receives dedicated coaching from a trained guide who assists them on their self-discovery journey. The guides provide encouragement and motivation for participants to apply the knowledge. The guides ask questions and show best practices to help participants find personal self-direction.

Feedback from past participants reveals a powerful impact on mindset, behavior, and overall life quality. After completing the course, some participants report healed relationships, newfound purposes, career advancements, business growth, and a heightened sense of achievement. Each class year, participants proclaim an overall 94% increase in personal happiness.

Below are some examples of remarkable transformation.

“I am 31 years Young and full of Love, Joy, Positiveness, and Happiness! Ten weeks ago, I was 31 years old and short-fused, angry, and in pain from cluster headaches and a negative Nancy. I would have never thought in a million years that, in a matter of 10 weeks, my thoughts and personality would have changed this much! This course is certainly changing the world for myself and the people who know me!”
Darren Grodi

“Two years ago, I wrote on my definite major purpose (DMP) that I would volunteer at the CIELO Center for Latin Americans. I was invited to perform at their gala event fundraiser, something I had been working to do for three years. My music was well received, and they have asked me to return next year. I am completing my studies at Evergreen College and volunteering at CIELO for my community service piece. My goal became clear - to use art, music, and spirituality as therapies to help overcome trauma.”
Anijila Silva

Spanning from September 2023 to April 2024, the course convenes weekly. Interestingly, the course isn't available for purchase. Only those committed to growth and ready for weekly challenges can join through the unique "pay-it-forward scholarship,". This is considered to be a testament to the genuine value and transformation it offers.

Interested individuals are advised by the program developers to submit their application quickly! Past participants acknowledge that opportunities offered in this program experience are rare.
Deadline for this transformative journey with the "Master Key Experience 2023-24" is fast approaching. To learn more, interested parties are encouraged to visit

At the forefront of online education, Training Solutions LLC, founded by personal growth experts Mark and Davene Januszewski, is proud to announce its commitment to reshaping the way individuals approach self-improvement and professional development. With a mission to offer unparalleled training and service, this organization, under the visionary guidance of the Januszewskis, has carved a niche in empowering members through courses like the Master Key Experience. This specifically curated program is not just about traditional learning but promoting self-directed thinking, enabling individuals to realize and harness their true potential. In the MKE program, members embark on a transformative journey towards becoming their most successful selves. The company stands as a beacon for those who believe in continuous learning and self-evolution. Mark and Davene's passion and expertise illuminate the path for all seeking growth.

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About Training Solutions LLC :

Our mission is to deliver superior training and service to members of the online course Master Key Experience. Training Solutions offers members the opportunity to achieve their most successful selves through learning self-directed thinking.

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