Huntington Insulation Contractors Offer Spray Foam Insulation Installation

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iFoam of Huntington, a company based in Ashland, KY, wants to inform everyone that they are offering the installation of spray foam insulation for homes and buildings in the Huntington-Ashland metropolitan area in the Appalachian Plateau area, locally referred to as the Tri-State area and is composed of seven counties in the states of Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Spray foam insulation provides the advantage of boosting the energy efficiency of the home or building by as much as 30 percent as a result of its ability to prevent air infiltration. It can also offer other benefits. Those who are interested in their insulation installation services can visit company website.

A spokesperson for iFoam of Huntington says, “Spray foam insulation has the power to improve energy efficiency by up to 30 percent. While this can mean savings for your home or business, it can also help with seasonal allergies, indoor air quality, and reduced mold. However, the efficacy of your insulation is largely dependent on the capabilities of the installers. Making mistakes during installation can reduce the benefits you receive, which is why it’s always best to hire a professional. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to providing top-quality spray foam installation services that will meet your needs and budget.”

iFoam of Huntington does not only provide installation of spray foam insulation, but they also offer other kinds of services, including insulation removal, air sealing, residential insulation retrofit, and blown in attic insulation. They will spray the foam insulation in liquid form into the area to be filled with insulation, such as attics, rim joists, new construction, and crawl spaces. The liquid that is sprayed reacts with another liquid is also sprayed and turns into foam, which pushes itself into the various crevices and then becomes solid, effectively sealing any holes where air can get through.

Spray foam insulation provides a range of benefits, such as: a significant decrease in the quantity of pollen and other allergens that can get inside the home or building, which can help people with allergies and other respiratory conditions; big energy savings because it tightly seals the home or building; its capability block some of the noise from the outside, making the interior quieter; prevention of the entry of ants, bugs, and other insects and small rodents because the insulation blocks the gaps and holes; and the possibility of adding to the structural strength of the home or building, making it more capable of withstanding strong winds, heavy snow, and earthquakes. Spray foam insulation has also been noted to be eco-friendly.

They can also install blown-in insulation, which is frequently used for the attic. One way of insulating the attic is by unrolling fiberglass insulation. Blown-in insulation offers a quicker way to install insulation for the attic. It will only take them around two hours to install a thick blanket of loose insulation across the attic floor. This is also an environmentally-friendly option because the material used for blown-in insulation is usually made from recycled materials.

iFoam of Huntington is owned and operated by Jacob Clark, Zach and Ben Roach. Jacob Clark is a lifelong Tri-Stater who was born and raised Ironton, Ohio. He is excited to bring the iFoam brand of service to the community that he has come to love because its residents often go out of their way to help others. Zach Roach, aside from being a co-owner of iFoam of Huntington, is also the Lead Technician. He was also born and raised in the Tri-State area, where has lived with his whole family. He is also excited to bring iFoam’s insulation products and extraordinary customer service to his community. Ben Roach was also born and raised in Ironton and he was encouraged by his brother and father to establish a family business. He is excited to work with his son and son-in-law to offer the best insulation service in the Tri-State area. Their service area includes Huntington, WV; Ashland, KY; Barboursville, WV; Charleston, WV; Hurricane, WV; Ironton, OH; Portsmouth, OH; Proctorville, OH; St. Albans, WV; and Teays Valley, WV.

Those who would like to know more about the services offered by iFoam of Huntington can visit web site or contact them through the telephone.

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