K2 Commercial Finance: Financial Help for Small Business Owners

April 29, 2014
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April 29, 2014 - In the world of small business, there is a lot to think about. Entrepreneurs have the responsibility of handling all aspects of their business, from how to market themselves professionally to creating financial stability. Unfortunately, not all business can receive the help they need through traditional loan services. Many business owners carry the burden of tarnished credit, and some properties simply do not qualify for traditional loans. Without financial help, many businesses begin to unravel.

Fortunately, K2 Commercial Finance offers a range of options for businesses. The loan company operates on an ethics-first mentality. K2 Commercial Finance prides its success on its financial knowledge and competence, integrity, proven success, and confidentiality. Aside from offering commercial loans, business owners also have the option of receiving bridge loans. Although over 50% of applicants are denied loans with traditional banking, K2 Commercial Finance prefers to follow a more common-sense approach. By understanding the customers story (and maintaining confidentiality), there is more room for success.

Aside from the benefit of working with an honest company, business owners can also expect quick results and minimal fees. The process of receiving financial help usually takes about three weeks. As well, K2 Commercial Finance does not charge any fees until they have delivered success. There are truly no limits to how the loans can be used. Many companies seek financial help in order to pay taxes for their business. Customers can choose from smaller loans (up to 25,000) or loans as large as $500,000.

Such a customized, flexible approach can benefit small business owners in a big way. Having the opportunity to receive commercial loans for tax issues can lift the financial burden and create a more positive business environment. Daycare properties, apartment buildings, convenience stores, healthcare properties, warehouse, retail, and salon properties, and even hotels all qualify for a commercial loan through this company. For business owners looking for a more flexible solution with a company that can personalize the experience, K2 Commercial Finance delivers success.

About K2 Commercial Finance

K2 Commercial finance offers Commercial Loans for Tax Issues. This company specializes in offering help to small business owners who have difficulty finding traditional loan help. K2 Commercial Finance helps entrepreneurs who encounter a wide variety of dilemmas. Whether a business owner cannot qualify for a traditional bank loan, or whether the property does not qualify for a bank loan, K2 Commercial Finance can help. The company is located in New Britain, PA.

Contact K2 Commercial Finance
Ken Kaplan, President - (215) 230-1885 – [email protected]
13 Goldeneye Court
New Britain, PA 18901
Please visit the company’s website at:

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Contact K2 Commercial Finance:

Ken Kaplan
13 Goldeneye Court
New Britain, PA 18901

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