Emergency Water Damage Contractors Now Available To All In Scottsdale

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Mesa, Arizona -

Mesa, AZ based Dry Star Restoration has expanded their emergency water damage service to homeowners and businesses in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas. The company has long been a favorite in many communities thanks to their quality of service and overall work ethic, and they now offer an around-the-clock service for homeowners or businesses that require the attention of emergency water damage contractors in Scottsdale.

"The importance of the initial hours cannot be overstated," states a spokesperson from Drystar Restoration. "Whether water damage stems from a natural event like a storm or a malfunction in the building's plumbing systems, swift action is crucial. Without a prompt response, water can permeate the property's foundational elements, compromising its structural integrity. Not only does this pose a long-term threat to the property's well-being, but it also jeopardizes the safety of all occupants."

Dry Star’s staff often meet a customer for the first time in a disaster situation which needs to be dealt with immediately to make the area safe as well as avoid further damage. As such, they always aim to provide the highest levels of customer service, working with owners to help them understand what is needed to bring the site in question back up to an acceptable status.

The company can handle everything from packing up belongings for storage during the dry out phase to restoring flooring and remodeling. Before a project begins, all of these options will be presented to the customer (along with clear delineation regarding which services are vital and which may be skipped). Free estimates are provided to all Dry Star customers at this point as well.

The company can also assist with the process of completing insurance forms to ensure that all damage is assessed, including overlooked steps and costs that other parties tend to overlook. Where necessary, they can assign a project manager to oversee a project from beginning to end, and this manager will be in attendance when the claims adjusters arrive. This will allow all parties to coordinate their findings and ensure accuracy.

Dry Star Restoration, established in 2012, has been a leader in water and flood damage restoration services. The team relies on their expertise and specialized equipment to clean up and restore homes and business premises to their pre-damage condition. Additionally, the company offers their skills to address structural damage caused by storms or fire incidents. They are also more than capable of dealing with asbestos, mold, sewage and flooring damage. Since remodeling options are made available through their contractors, this essentially makes the company a complete end-to-end service.

Dry Star’s team uses modern tools and techniques to ensure that all water and structural damage is found and fixed. As a result of their conscientious approach and focus on customer service, the company has thrived, and they are now able to offer a 24/7 emergency service to residents and businesses in Scottsdale.

One customer says in their top-rated review, “Dean and Jose responded quickly, diagnosed the problem and mitigated the damage. Dean kept me informed every step of the way. Jose and Dean made the process stress-free!”

Another customer reports, “My water tank burst, causing damage to the walls. Noah was swift to respond (within 3 hours of being contacted) and set up demo and mold mitigation later that same day. He also dealt directly with my insurance company to initiate a claim and subsequent payment. Steve did an excellent job coordinating the repair.”

The review continues, “Team Rafael arrived to make the repair and clean up the mess. Rafael and Jesus were very professional and meticulous in carrying out each phase of the repair. The two were true professionals and showed excellent craftsmanship with their work and were a pleasure to deal with. My highest praise to all involved.”

This type of attention is particularly relevant to those with older homes where water damage may uncover the need for specialist asbestos treatment. It is often recommended to leave any asbestos in place in older homes. In an emergency situation, it is vital to use the proper tools and techniques to ensure the risk of asbestos fiber dispersal is minimized to prevent health risks to people and pets. Fortunately, Dry Star excels at this.

Anyone looking for the best provider of 24/7 water damage restoration in Phoenix can contact Richard Appel of Dry Star Restoration to follow up any further inquiries. The company can also be found on social media.

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