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ClearSight LASIK Explains “How Long Will My Vision Be Blurry After LASIK”

May 25, 2023
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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma -

ClearSight LASIK, a vision correction clinic based in Oklahoma City, OK, has recently released a blog post titled, “How Long Will My Vision Be Blurry After LASIK?” The short answer to the question is that it will actually depend on each particular person. Some patients will have blurry vision for just a few hours after the laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) procedure, while others will have blurry vision for a number of days. The article explains what patients can expect with regards to recovery time after LASIK.

A representative for ClearSight LASIK says, “During LASIK surgery, a laser is used to reshape the cornea, which is the clear front surface of the eye. By reshaping the cornea, light is able to focus directly on the retina, which results in clear vision. LASIK surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, which means you can return home the same day as the procedure. It is a quick procedure, taking only about 10-15 minutes. Most patients experience little to no pain during the procedure, and many are able to see better immediately following the surgery.”

Results from LASIK surgery have been mostly successful, with the large majority of patients getting 20/20 vision or better after the procedure. However, it is important to note that not everyone is considered a good candidate for LASIK. The ClearSight LASIK surgeon will perform a comprehensive eye exam and discuss the patient’s medical history to find out if LASIK is appropriate. There are other types of vision correction procedures that will likely be recommended in the case that LASIK is not suitable for a particular patient. Almost everyone can have their vision corrected with one of ClearSight’s procedures.

Blurry vision is part of the healing process after LASIK. This is because a flap is formed in the top layer of the cornea using a laser, and the underlying tissue is then optimized in shape by a different laser. The cornea will need some time to heal and adjust to its new shape. This can result in temporary vision changes, such as blurriness. However, this blurriness is typically mild and will heal on its own after a few days. In most cases, the blurry vision will only last for 24 to 48 hours.

In some cases, the blurred vision may last longer and may be more pronounced as a result of a number of factors. First, dry eyes may sometimes occur because the procedure has temporarily disrupted the nerves controlling tear production. Dry eyes are frequently temporary and can be managed by simply using eye drops. Second, in some cases, the proper level of correction may not have been achieved. In such cases, which only happen about 5 percent of the time, a second LASIK procedure may be needed. Third, in some rare cases, an infection or inflammation of the cornea may occur after the procedure. Prompt treatment of the infection will prevent complications and preserve the patient’s vision.

Started in 1994, ClearSight LASIK has a team of vision correction experts, who are highly skilled medical staff and board certified surgeons. When you visit ClearSight, you will likely see refractive consult specialists, optometrists Drs. Stephen Fly and Stacy Rockett. They will thoroughly examine your eyes and ensure that you are given the best option for life without glasses. ClearSight’s surgeons include Drs. Kasey Brown, Anna Edmiston, and Luke Rebenitsch, who are all fellowship-trained experts in the field of vision correction. Dr. Luke is a leader in ophthalmology and always obtains the safest, most reliable, and cutting-edge vision correction technology to provide the best vision possible to patients.

Those who are interested in getting more information about the vision correction procedures can visit the ClearSight LASIK website or contact them on the telephone or email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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