Curb Rash Problem Solved With Rim Protection Product From RimPro-Tec

December 14, 2015
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RimPro-Tec has announced a product that is designed to help drivers avoid curb rash. This often happens to alloy wheels when they hit a curb, something that can happen when driving while parallel parking and maneuvering 

“RimPro-Tec’s products are designed to protect your wheels from this problem, and offer great style with the change our pinstripe inners as well," states owner and founder of the company, Deborah Chester. Deborah explains that the hard plastic materials used in the RimPro-Tec's wheel bands hold up well to curb impact situations at low speed, protecting the wheels from scuffs and other similar kinds of damage.

The company states that curb rash can be unsightly and can also damage a vehicle's wheels. The device is specifically designed to help avoid this issue when driving at slow speeds. This product has a two piece hard plastic design that has shock absorbing acrylic foam on the back side. The tracks are stuck onto the front of the wheel rims, and are specially formed with an arch that will match the radius of any wheels from 12 inches up to 22 inches. The colour pinstripe snaps into the mounting tracks easily so that they can be taken off for changes or repairs.

"It's rim protection for your wheels with the style pinstripe color for design and style," points out Deborah Chester. She explains that the product has been sold widely on the market, and that customers have provided positive testimonials for it from around the world, stating that it does indeed help to avoid the rash on Wheels that come along with rubbing up next to concrete and other structures when driving at low speeds.

Established in New Zealand 2007, RimPro-Tec is a leader in wheel protection products around the world. Their custom wheel protection devices are now sold in a number of different countries. The device is currently being offered online and in a number car dealer ships and fitting stores around the globe.

More about the company, including an entire list of their current product selection and pricing information, can be seen on their official website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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