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Motorcycle Accident Victims Assisted By Ontario Lawyer

May 01, 2023
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Ontario, California -

Ontario, CA based Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer is helping the victims of motorcycle accidents pursue compensation for their suffering and losses. While it may be tempting for most to assume that the insurance company will make them whole, the truth is not as straightforward. See more here: Auto Injury Lawyer Near Me Ontario.

Motorcycle accidents stand out from other types of collisions on the road because they often involve grievous injuries. A motorcycle, unlike vehicles such as cars or vans, offers much less protection in the event of a crash, and this tends to mean that its rider will need much more help to fully recover — if full recovery is even possible. In many cases, an injury can be lifelong, or the accident can even result in the victim’s untimely passing.

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Whatever the circumstances of the incident in question, the victim or their family may expect financial assistance from the insurer whose policy covers such accidents. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Having worked with victims for years, Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer has fought many insurers who sought to downplay the extent of their client’s injuries or the scope of the compensation they were entitled to. The reason for this is deceptively simple: an insurance company’s first commitment is to its profits, and it cannot profit as much if it always honors a claim.

As a result, an insurance adjuster may attempt to turn the facts to meet a suitable narrative where they have to offer a smaller payout. They may also attempt to have the victim accept a seemingly sizable sum right away — without the latter being aware that their medical bills (and therefore the compensation they are due) far exceeds this number. However desperate a situation may be, it is always best for accident victims to see a personal injury attorney to ensure they will receive the compensation they deserve.

The same is true in other legal arenas, such as workers compensation cases. An employer and their insurer may attempt to minimize the extent of their responsibility in a workplace accident in order to reduce the compensation they have to provide the injured party. It is only with a dedicated attorney that a victim has any chance of getting the full sum they are entitled to. See more here: Workers Compensation Lawyer Ontario.

As always, one of the best ways to gauge the value of a firm’s involvement is to refer to its former clients. Many have left feedback about Alexander D. Napolin and his firm, both on and offline, and the consensus appears to be overwhelmingly positive. “Now that my case is over,” says V Carrillo, “I can say that I made the right choice by picking Napolin Law to help me with my car accident lawsuit. The process felt long but having the most caring staff to support me made it easier! I am now referring my sister to this firm for her injury case, and I know she will be taken care of well!”

Napolin’s primary ethos is two-fold: personal guidance for the client and aggressive representation in their cases. This solves two issues that virtually every case presents with, a client who may feel out of their depth and a case that needs a strong, flexible approach to have a good chance of success. Napolin offers both because he understands that pursuing a claim can be an intensely frustrating and confusing experience at the best of times.

He considers it his job to help clients understand their options as well as each new development (as their case progresses), and his experience in local courts has taught him that there is little time to lose when a case needs to be pursued. This is also why he strongly encouraged clients to reach out for an initial consultation — which is free — in order to determine whether it is feasible for them to proceed with a claim. More information: Workers Compensation Lawyer Ontario.

Clients stand to gain much by working with Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer, and the firm goes a step further to minimize how much they risk as well. For instance, they offer a unique ‘No Fee Promise,’ requiring a client to pay no attorney fees or costs if their case is not successful.

Further details about this promise and the firm’s various services can be found on the official Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer website. Clients are welcome to get in touch by phone or over social media as well.

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