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Rehab Near Me Announces Mental Health Initiative for Addiction Treatment

April 27, 2023
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Los Angeles, California -

Rehab Near Me, an internet database cataloging addiction treatment centers throughout the US, has announced a new mental health initiative. The company wants to change the discussion about addiction by humanizing people in treatment, so they are seen as more than just addicts. The push comes from acknowledging that mental health and addiction go hand in hand, and that treating addiction requires prioritizing mental health.

“At the root of all addiction is a severe mental health disorder,” says company representative James Thomas. “Addicts are judged for being careless, self-destructive, and completely controlled by their addictions. But at the heart of the issue, there is unprocessed mental and emotional trauma, something they could’ve been born with or developed at some point in life. That’s the core of the problem.”

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The initiative isn’t just to help the public be more empathetic towards people struggling with addiction, but it also helps addicts see themselves in a different light. By realizing that their addiction is the by-product of a mental health disorder, they can see a light at the end of the tunnel in terms. Most addicts carry the notion that nothing can help them, and that their chemical and behavioral dependencies are chronic. This initiative will help people on the road to recovery realize there is more to them than their addiction.

The database is designed to make finding a suitable treatment more convenient than a traditional web search. Clients can search different categories on the website, including drug or alcohol rehab, eating disorder rehab, Christian and faith-based rehab, and inpatient or outpatient treatment. The site also gives clients free resources about treatment types, different addictions and mental disorders, and information on treatment duration and costs.

“Every case of addiction is different,” says Thomas. “This is why we offer personalized treatment options.”

A 90 day in-patient rehab program can be ideal for recovery patients who need 24/7 supervision in an environment where breaking sobriety is impossible. A 30 day out-patient program can work for people who have children, a demanding career, or other needs that require more flexibility. Rehab Near Me has intake specialists who can guide prospective patients to the right treatment center.

“We get calls from people at the end of their rope,” says Thomas. “We take the time to take in their information, make an assessment of their situation, and provide a list of treatment centers they can choose from. We help them feel safe and confident in choosing their treatment facility.”

Paying for treatment can be a hassle for some people in recovery, but Rehab Near Me seeks to make that process streamlined as well. They work with treatment centers who work with a number of health insurance providers. A full list of insurance providers can be found by speaking to an intake specialist or visiting the website.

“Not having the money to cover addiction treatment turns a lot of people away from getting the help they need,” says Thomas. “We work with centers that take major health insurances, and that also accept private pay.”

There are an estimated 14,000+ rehab centers in the US. With so many to choose from, having a resource that narrows down options is helpful.

“Anything we can do to make getting treatment easier goes a long way,” says Thomas. “The less time a person spends searching for treatment, the faster they can get the treatment they so desperately need.”

Treatment centers vary, some offering luxurious, private healing centers located in remote locations, while others are larger and offer city-based treatment. The database can also help people find therapists and doctors who specialize in certain treatments, such as acupuncture or cognitive behavioral therapy. Whatever the concern, Rehab Near Me can help people get on the road to recovery faster than ever.

Rehab Near Me wants people to know that overcoming addiction is possible. To speak with an intake specialist, contact James Thomas at 855-227-9535 or by email at

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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