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Riverside Tree Service Pioneers New Urban Tree Canopy Mapping System for Improved Tree Management

March 20, 2023
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Riverside, CARiverside Tree Service, a leading urban forestry company in Riverside, California, announces the launch of its new mapping system to help improve tree management and increase the urban tree canopy. CEO Rickie Coover and his team developed this innovative technology to provide visuals of existing trees and identify areas where new trees can be planted.

Riverside Tree Service's new mapping system is a revolutionary tool that uses high-resolution satellite imagery to give an in-depth view of the urban tree canopy. The powerful software can detect existing trees, calculate their size and identify opportunities for furthering canopy coverage.

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By utilizing its sophisticated algorithms, the system can also track the growth of trees over time and provide valuable insight into their health. In addition, the platform will help the company better manage trees in Riverside by providing more accurate data on individual species and detailed information about potential locations where new trees could be planted. When making these recommendations, it even considers factors such as soil type and irrigation. This comprehensive solution helps protect existing trees and ensures that future generations will benefit from increased canopy cover.

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The core feature of this system is its ability to create a 3D representation of the urban tree canopy. In addition to the 3D visualization, it allows users to view information about each tree, such as species, age, and health. The mapping system also provides data on water usage, potential carbon sequestration, and potential cooling benefits associated with planting and maintaining trees.

This revolutionary system has already been adopted by the City of Riverside and other local municipalities, which have used it to improve landscapes and increase green space in the city. "We've seen firsthand how this system helps us make better decisions when it comes to managing our urban tree canopy," said the head of the tree planting, Bill Matten. "It's incredibly useful for determining where we should plant additional trees and what types of trees would provide the most benefit."

Rickie Coover, CEO of Riverside Tree Service, commented on the system's launch, saying, "We're excited to launch our new mapping system officially. We believe that it will revolutionize urban tree canopy management and play an integral role in helping cities become more sustainable and resilient."

Riverside Tree Service is committed to providing the best services and solutions for urban tree care in the greater Riverside community. With the launch of their comprehensive mapping system, they are leading the way towards a greener and healthier future.

Homeowners interested in the company's services can visit its offices at 2025 Chicago Ave #1255, Riverside, CA 92507, United States. The company can also be contacted at 909-536-2412 and

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