Encore Data Products Offers Fluent Front Office Interpreter

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Lafayette, Colorado -

Encore Data Products, a Lafayette, CO-based supplier of equipment and tools for use in classrooms and remote learning such as audio-visual technology, is happy to announce that they are offering the Fluent Front Office Interpreter device to help overcome the language barrier while interacting with parents, students, co-workers, and customers. For instance, this device can be helpful in English as a Second Language (ESL) or English Language Learner (ELL) programs where the students may not fully understand English instructions, and the parents or other family members may find it hard to express their opinion during school meetings or visits. The Fluent Front Office Interpreter can help get rid of such situations to facilitate the education process for the students and to ensure that parents and other family members can provide their input.

The Fluent Front Office Interpreter can also be helpful during doctor-patient interactions, customer interactions, and communication between co-workers. By ensuring proper communication, this tool can eliminate awkward and frustrating situations. All the user has to do is to press a button, talk, and this is interpreted instantly, enabling the user to communicate with virtually anyone in 50 different languages. There are a lot of potential applications for this language interpretation tool, such as the classroom, doctor’s offices, meeting rooms, business interactions, reception desks, and anywhere differences in language can inhibit proper communication.

Fluent Front Office Interpreter

The translation for the Fluent Front Office Interpreter is performed by applying a combination of the Google, Iflytek, Microsoft, and Nuance voice engines. If there are new words and trending words to be added, this is done in real time to optimize the identification and translation of slang, special words, and accented sentences. The data and the transcription can only be seen by the user, and the data is kept on the device and not on remote servers to ensure privacy.

The Fluent Front Office Interpreter has a number of key features. First of all, it provides fast and highly accurate interpretation for 50 languages. Second, this device has two-way microphone buttons to be used for language interpretation. Third, it is provided with dual 7-inch screen for easy operation and viewing for the two people communicating. Fourth, it interfaces with the user’s Wi-Fi network. And lastly, it provides visual and audible interpretation of the statements.

Established in 2006 by Jeff Burgess, Encore Data Products is a privately held company that provides high quality equipment and technology products to the education, hospitality, business, health and fitness, and government industries. They provide an ever-growing list of products from top brands and they offer easy ordering, competitive pricing, and free shipping options. They always make sure to do their best to help their clients to optimize their investment in equipment needed to enrich their learning, business, and health environments.

They typically provide classroom headphones that are helpful for students to allow them to learn and test at their own pace. The reduction of external noise is important for these school headphones. Encore Data Products has performed some research and the result is a wide selection of high quality school headsets, headphones, and earbuds that can be use by students from pre-K all the way to high school. For those who are interested in finding the best headphones for the classroom, they will need to take into account the plug type compatibility, usage, school testing needs, and hygiene. And for those learning environments where the student has to do some speaking and interaction with the teacher and other students, the headset is typically recommended.

Those who would like to know more about Fluent Front Office Interpreter and other tools and equipment offered can visit the Encore Data Products website or contact them through the telephone or via email.

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About Encore Data Products :

We supply education, health and fitness, hospitality, business and government with high quality audio visual equipment. We have top brands, free shipping options, competitive pricing and easy ordering.

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Sabrina Manno
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