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Northwestern Hair Restoration Clinic in Chicago Offers Safe and Proven Hair Restoration Method

February 09, 2023
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Northwestern Hair Restoration, a clinic based in Chicago, IL, wants to stress that they are offering follicle unit extraction (FUE), which is a safe and proven method for hair restoration. They have more than 20 years of experience and the diagnostic tools for planning for future loss, which allows them to design procedures that allow the patient’s hair to look great forever. With advanced technologies such as Smart Graft, they are able to perform FUE better and at less cost, and they pass on the savings to the patient. And they have made it a point to treat only one patient a day, whether the patient needs only a touch up or a full head of hair. This is to ensure that they can focus on the procedure without distractions.

Vinay Rawlani, who heads the clinic, says, “FUE is a type of hair transplant used to treat hair loss. An experienced hair surgeon will harvest individual hair from the back and sides of your scalp and then use small punches to insert these grafts into the healing area. There’s a lot of hype around FUE hair transplantation. In fact, many industry experts consider it the best hair transplantation method. However, there are both pros and cons of FUE and we can discuss that with you during consultation. The bottom line is that despite the positive aspects of the FUE hair transplant option, it is important to note that it still has limitations. Overall, FUE hair transplantation is a safe, proven method of increasing the density of new hairs in an area with moderate to severe hair loss. In addition, the procedure has a high chance of producing permanent, natural-looking results that grow out evenly and don’t seem out of place.”

Northwestern Hair Restoration also offers Micro FUE and Discrete FUE. Micro FUE employs a minimally invasive collection by reticular oscillation (MICRO) procedure, which uses vibration and suction, rather than blades and tweezers, to gently collect healthy hairs. This offers the solution to FUE hairs that may appear unnatural. They have observed that Micro FUE hairs looked healthier and smoother. Also, high density grafts in FUE can appear like mini plugs or sprouts of grass. But with micro-grafting, they can provide a hair density that appears natural. In addition, they have found that more hairs survive with Micro FUE, which means patients can expect better results.

Meanwhile, Discrete FUE is similar to Micro FUE except that there is no buzz cut, which means the healing phase is not conspicuous. Also, with Discrete FUE, they are able to transfer full-length hairs, which means patients can immediately preview the results, which allows them to provide what the patient really wants.

With regards to the recovery period after the procedure, immediately afterwards, the patient will be provided with pain medication to allow them to have a good sleep, which will help with the healing process. Typically, this pain medication will wear off by noon of the subsequent day. A bandage is usually provided at the back of the head and across the front right after the procedure to protect the now sensitive hair of the patient. The bandage will be on for about two days minimum. When they take off the bandage, most of the areas where they collected hairs at the back of the head will have already healed. On the fifth day after the procedure, the patient will see progressive swelling in the areas where new hairs were inserted. And in the tenth day, scabs may be seen on the bottom of the transplanted hairs. The scabs are ready to be washed out and from this point in time, the patient will feel quite normal for the rest of the recovery period.

Northwestern Hair Restoration is owned and operated by doctors and offers the services of some of the best hair restoration doctors in Chicago. These are: Vinay Rawlani, MD; Clark Schierle, MD PhD; and Carmen Ramirez, DSc. Dr. Rawlani, who heads the clinic, is a physician-inventor and was a Louis E Fazen Endowed Scholar. He is a strong advocate of natural and discrete hair replacement methods. Dr. Schierle is the founder of Northwestern Hair Restoration. He began his MD/PhD at the age of 16 and he brought the clinic to the forefront of FUE and hair restoration. Dr. Ramirez has 23 years of experience and a Doctorate of Science in trichology, particularly with regards to hair restoration.

Those who are looking for a hair restoration clinic in Chicago can check out the Northwestern Hair Restoration website or contact them on the phone or through email.

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