Why Personal Injury Lawsuits Take So Long is the Subject of The Mabra Law Firm’s New Blog Post

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Atlanta, Georgia -

Since it was founded in 2007, Atlanta, Georgia-based The Mabra Law Firm has established a reputation for successfully litigating a wide variety of personal injury cases. Much of which is due to the dedication and knowledge that its attorneys and legal team bring with them to every personal injury case that they take on. What this firm, which specializes in personal injuries which are related to moving vehicle accidents or premises mishaps, does also goes well beyond just the legal claim support services it offers. This includes the many personal injury-related blogs that The Mabra Law Firm posts on its website. The most recent of which discusses why a personal injury case can sometimes take a long time to be resolved.

The firm’s founder & managing partner, Ronnie Mabra, says, “Sure, we certainly like to wrap up the legal claims that we pursue on behalf of our clients as quickly as possible to get them the compensation they often badly need after suffering a personal injury. When that doesn’t happen, we understand the frustration that goes along with that. That’s why to help our clients and others better understand why personal injury lawsuits can sometimes take a while to settle or be resolved favorably in court; we decided to create and publish a blog on the subject.”

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This newly published blog article that’s appropriately titled ‘Why Do Personal Injury Lawsuits Take So Long?' started by mentioning that the lawyers and the others on the legal team at The Mabra Law Firm feel this is a fair question for the plaintiffs they represent to ask them. That’s because they realize people that seek help from a personal injury lawyer usually require claim compensation to help them quickly recover from their injuries and the financial hardships that those injuries have brought with them. In the article, it states that some of the reasons that can contribute to longer personal injury case settlement times include not settling for inappropriate compensation, cases that go to trial, the extra time it takes to gather support documents to build a stronger case, a client still undergoing many medical procedures, and disputes as to which person or party is responsible for causing a personal injury.

The blog stated that these conditions that can make a personal injury lawsuit sometimes progress slowly hold true whether they pertain to moving vehicle accident injuries, injuries that result from premises accidents, or even cases that involve the wrongful death of someone. Lastly, brought up in the blog was that the specialized and experienced personal injury legal team they have tends to resolve cases faster than law practices that dabble in many different areas of law. This blog article and others like it can be seen on The Mabra Law firm Website. That includes another recent blog that details who pays for a personal injury accident.

Attorney Mabra proclaimed that in addition to them attempting to resolve the personal injury claims they pursue on a client’s behalf promptly, each of their clients can also expect to be represented in a way that reflects the firm’s five stated core values. This includes getting each client maximum compensation, displaying excellent communication throughout a case, making a commitment to aggressively pursue what’s in the best interest of each client, showing great character while representing a client, and acting in a responsible way that makes the firm a welcome part of the Greater Atlanta Community.

Clients that have sought personal injury representation from this reputable Atlanta law firm often claim in reviews that they received excellent legal help from them. Everette Morgan proclaimed, “Excellent communication skills! Just wow. The Atlanta lawyers I’ve used before were definitely not as good as these guys. They constantly kept me updated on my case. They really do care about you and treat you like family. I will for sure recommend them to everyone!” She'ree Benton stated, “The Mabra Law Firm nicely handled my personal injury case. Jarrod was my attorney and worked diligently to get me a fair settlement. He was very professional, returned all my calls immediately, and explained my case step by step. I also used the Mabra Law Firm back in 1997 and Ronnie helped me through a very scary case that was all my fault. I'd recommend them to anyone who needs a firm they can trust. This explains why they've been in business for so long.”

These reviews were taken from The Mabra Law Firm’s Google Maps Business Listing, where they have an impressive 4.9 out of a possible 5-star average rating on almost 700 reviews. Those wishing to learn more about the personal injury legal services that The Mabra Law Firm offers can message them 24 hours a day on this legal practice’s website.

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