Roots Adolescent Renewal Ranch Explains in New Blog Post Why Teen Girls Are Developing Tics

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Roots Renewal Ranch, a mental health center for teen girls ages 13 to 17, has recently published an article that explains what is causing tics in adolescent girls. Recently, there has been a rise in persistent tics in teen girls. These are either jerking or twitching movements or shouting or yelling words and obscenities. Studies have recently found that some tics are physical manifestations of depression, anxiety, or trauma. About 31 percent of teenagers have an anxiety disorder in the United States. In Texas, it has been noted that more than 14 percent of teenagers have had a major depressive episode in the previous year, and one out of five girls is expected to experience depression before they are 18 years old. While tics are not the most common physical symptom of anxiety, they do occur, particularly in cases of severe trauma.

The reason for tics in girls with anxiety, depression, or trauma is that these experiences can stimulate the fight-or-flight response of the human body. This response is slightly different for everyone. It could be shaking, a racing heart, stomachaches, headaches, or insomnia. More serious physical manifestations of anxiety are tics, IBS, or fevers. All of these symptoms have been documented in various cases of trauma, anxiety, or depression, and all are regarded as psychogenic responses.

Meanwhile, with regard to the link between social media and tics in teens, researchers were not able to find a connection between the two despite the possibility that social media can result in cyberbullying, which may lead to psychogenic responses like tics. A study published in February 2022 about social media use during the COVID pandemic failed to show a connection between social media and tics. While 85 percent of teen girls had reported a rise in the frequency of their tic episodes, it was noted that the tics were likely due to the stress of the pandemic. For those who already had tics before the beginning of the pandemic, the pandemic was found to worsen the tics. Individual, group, or inpatient therapy may also be used for treating the root cause of tics, which are anxiety, trauma, or depression.

Zoey Schwolert from Roots Adolescent Renewal Ranch says, “We work with our teens to identify the source of their discomfort and the source of their strength. Our traumas may influence us, but they don’t define us. We work to find healthy coping strategies that young women can use to lead healthy and independent lives. Here, your daughter will work with experts to find ways to move beyond her trauma and anxieties. We offer inpatient treatment in a safe and beautiful space, and we believe our environment is ideal for healing.”

Tics due to trauma can be treated, typically in the form of medications and/or psychotherapy. Some doctors use neuroleptic medications or antipsychotics for the treatment of tics. Others prescribe selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) for serotonin production balance.

Founded in 2021, Roots Renewal Ranch is a residential, dual-diagnosis treatment center in Argyle, TX, that specializes in services for adolescent girls ages 13 to 17. Their goal is to evaluate and treat the whole child, which means psychologically, biologically, socially, and spiritually. There is a firm belief that their immersive family systems element, future-focused education program, extensive aftercare program, and relationship-centered approach are vital to renewal and lifelong recovery. Their treatment facility is strategically located on a six-acre ranch and its key elements are a 1,200-square-foot barn and a 6,000-square-foot home. The facilities offer a healing environment for teen girls and enable them to learn skills that will help them live their lives to the fullest in the future.

Roots Renewal Ranch uses a comprehensive, whole-child approach to implement a safe, nurturing, and distraction-free environment for emotional growth and healing. Roots works to help teen girls build hope in a healthy and purposeful life. For more information, call 888-399-0489 or visit their website.

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