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Magnolia Recovery Care Earns Five-Star Reviews for Its Work in Addiction Recovery

December 31, 2022
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Los Angeles, California -

Los Angeles, California — Conquering a substance abuse disorder is a long, arduous journey that involves many detours and dead ends, but with the right guide, you can reach recovery. Many who seek real help find it at Magnolia Recovery, which has earned a five-star Google review from a former patient.

Located in Los Angeles, Magnolia Recovery provides custom treatment programs for recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Individuals find a safe, healing environment where they can understand the root causes of their disorder and develop positive strategies for living without self-medication through alcohol or drugs.

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The Magnolia treatment journey begins with medical detox, transitions to residential treatment and continues through long-term follow-up after discharge. Treatment options include Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient programs for those needing more medically focused therapy. At all stages, treatment is evidence-based and custom-designed for each client’s unique needs, so they will leave the program armed with the right tools for maintaining sobriety.

The foundation of care at Magnolia is the belief that each person is in charge of their recovery but needs help finding the right path. Clients find their path and develop strategies for staying true to it from highly qualified treatment specialists. The in-house team is complemented by a network of outside services.

To deliver the most effective care, Magnolia takes a holistic approach that treats the whole person — body, mind and spirit and spirit — not just their addiction, which may only be a symptom of a more profound emotional or psychological disorder. To restore the body and spirit while working on the mind’s need for alcohol or drugs, Magnolia incorporates nutrition counseling, fitness training and meditation/mindfulness sessions. Finally, Magnolia’s team works with the client’s loved ones to help them mend relationships and reach mutual understanding, acceptance and respect.

A critical element of care at Magnolia is its attitude of respect, dignity and empathy for every client. The attitude begins by providing a comfortable residential facility with homelike amenities. Rather than the sterile, clinical environment found in the more traditional rehab facilities, clients at Magnolia will find a peasant environment where they can more closely focus on their recovery. Magnolia clients aren’t pampered; the program simply operates from the common-sense idea that a cheerful, positive environment makes the client feel more open to recovery. If the setting is comfortable and pleasant, the client receives the message that they deserve to live better and may be more likely to want to treat themself better.

The Magnolia journey begins with medically supervised detox to help clients safely withdraw from alcohol, drugs or prescription medications. This pre-treatment cleansing period should always be supervised by a professional who can help the client cope with the side effects of withdrawal, which can range from nausea and cramps to seizures. For a safer experience, Magnolia’s detox team can administer appropriate medications that ease the pain and discomfort.

After detox, the work of treatment begins. Magnolia offers a wide range of residential treatment services that focus on helping them take responsibility for their recovery by providing the education, support and tools needed for long-term success.

No matter where the client is on their recovery journey, Magnolia provides critical support. From detox to aftercare, clients get the care they need to transform their lives. The Magnolia team helps them develop a healthy and sober lifestyle with the continuing support needed to maintain their long-term health goals. Care is open to all — no matter their gender, race, age, sexual preference, religious beliefs or lifestyle choices.

For individualized care of alcohol or drug addiction, visit Magnolia Recovery of LA or call 747-307-6948.

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