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Dandy's QR Code Tool Makes It Easy to Conduct an Experience Survey for Boosting Reviews

January 02, 2023
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Irvine, California -

AI Powered Reputation Automation Software provider Dandy has announced that its QR code guest experience tool helped a restaurant group gain actionable and valuable customer feedback and automate the process of gathering new positive reviews. The company is inviting business owners to find out more about what the tool can do for their venture.

One of the best ways that restaurants, or any other retail-facing businesses for that matter, can attract more customers is by building up their online reputation. Many customers who visit the restaurant don’t feel compelled to post a review, even if they had a thoroughly enjoyable experience. However, the few times that a dissatisfied customer takes an effort to post a review, it is often due to them having unrealistic expectations and just wanting to air out their grievances. Thus, businesses may end up with a lot of negative reviews on their online profiles that are not representative of the quality of service they provide and, in fact, drive away future customers.

The best strategy to prevent this is to be proactive in gathering reviews. Asking for feedback from as many customers as possible increases the chances that the business will get a lot more positive recommendations. The challenge, then, is to make it as easy as possible for customers to post their reviews. Dandy has custom-built its QR code guest experience tool for this exact purpose and its most recent customer success story most handily demonstrates its full potential.

According to the ai powered reputation automation company, it recently helped a restaurant group get the feedback it needed to improve its services and even converted that feedback into positive reviews on its online profiles. To make this happen, the restaurant chain customized QR codes from the Dandy app and printed them out, and placed them on every table and guest checkout, since some of the restaurant locations are fast casual while some offer sit-down dining. The restaurant then incentivized customers to use the QR code by offering a monthly $100 gift card drawing. Using this strategy, the restaurant chain was able to gather customer information to remarket to them, increasing customer loyalty. It was also able to gain over 1,000 guest experience surveys each month, which also means over 1,000 customer phone numbers and emails for remarketing. The positive feedback was shared with review sites and helped the restaurant chain generate over 240 new 5-star reviews across their locations each month. Moreover, the feedback that customers provided is all viewable securely inside the Dandy application where the restaurant chain can also directly reply to it.

The Director of Operations for the restaurant group talked about how impactful Dandy’s QR code guest experience tool had been by saying, "It's been a game changer for us. We can now see why certain locations are performing better than others. Just getting this information directly from the customer is key and seeing it in real-time in the Dandy dashboard is amazing. Our guests are able to share their true experiences with us directly over the phone. We're able to leverage these insights to make real-time changes and improvements to certain locations and celebrate our wins by getting more positive online reviews. Then we market to our customers to increase loyalty. It's like a grand slam for us.”

The spokesperson for Dandy, Bri Nicole explained how its QR code tool fits in with the rest of its portfolio of reputation management software by saying, “Our clients work hard to offer the best possible products and services they can. We feel that it is unfair that just a few reviews posted by unhappy customers can potentially negate their years-long efforts. With the QR code tool, you get to counteract this rare negativity with a deluge of positive reviews from the majority of customers satisfied with their purchase.”

Readers can find out more about the features of the QR guest experience tool and the rest of the features in Dandy’s ai powererd reputation automation software suite by heading over to its website at

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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