Austin Tree Services Donate Services to Neighborhood Parks and Public Spaces

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El Camino Real, California -

Austin, Texas – A company well known for its unwavering commitment to preserving and improving the environment, Austin Tree Services, earlier today, revealed that it donated services in the neighborhood parks and public spaces.

"For the longest time now," said the CEO, "Austin Tree Services has always been on the move to improve and maintain trees in Austin and its suburbs. This is particularly driven by the company’s predominant objective to ensure that by 2030, the environment is wholesome and sufficient to sustain healthy life.”

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"Last week was not any different from what has usually been the company’s norm," stated the CEO. "The only difference this time was that Austin Tree Services was working on neighborhood parks and public locations and not on homeowners' yards."

The CEO stated that working in neighborhood parks and public spaces was one of the best experiences the company has had this year.

"When you hear local parks and public places, what comes to mind?" questioned the CEO. “These are areas that are under government control. Therefore, to work in such areas, you must be well-trained and skilled so you don’t cause any harm to public properties. Keeping this in mind, Austin Tree Services has every reason to be excited about working on the areas. It also turned out into certainly one of the most important experiences the complete team has had up to now this year.”

To understand more about how Austin Tree Services help homeowners improve their trees, visit the company’s website at:

The CEO cited that some of the services the company presented included tree planting, removal, pruning, and fertilization, in addition to remedying tree infections. He also confirmed that the trees will continue being taken care of by the company.

"This is not the time to talk about there being enough trees in our parks," the CEO said. "Therefore, inside the nearby parks and public areas, before doing anything else, the company planted around 50,000 trees. Also, since trees in those areas receive the least attention, they needed additional tree care services such as removal of dead trees, pruning and trimming, fertilization to provide them with the nutrients they lack, and infection treatment. The team made sure that all the services were handled.”

"Planting and running can’t be in the same sentence," joked the CEO. "Therefore, Austin Tree Services has to take care of the newly planted trees to the end. Also, for all the procedures done to become successful, after-service attention is required. The company will also handle this."

Reportedly, Austin Tree Services makes use of its media room to share with homeowners about the moves taken by the company to improve the environment.

"This is simply one of the many actions Austin Tree Services is aiming to take for a better environment," stated the CEO. "To see what the company does next, house owners need to stay tuned at the company’s media room for updates."

The CEO lastly urged homeowners in Austin and the entire neighborhood to make their tree care appointments with Austin Tree Services.

"All the nearby parks and public spaces are about to have an entirely new appearance,” said the CEO. "Are you going to sit down and watch the parks and public areas outdo your home? Don’t you need purified air around you? Austin Tree Services is just a call away for homeowners looking forward to enhancing their immediate environment. All they need to do is get in touch with the company, and high-quality services will be delivered immediately to their doorsteps."

Austin Tree Services is located at 5555 N Lamar Blvd #111, Austin, TX 78751, United States. The company can also be reached at +1 512-982-4843 and

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About Austin Tree Services :

With over two decades of providing premier tree care for the people in Austin and Travis counties, Austin Tree Services is a family-owned business that takes pride in enhancing its customers' natural surroundings.

Contact Austin Tree Services:

Douglas Andrews

5555 N Lamar Blvd #111
Austin, TX, 78751


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