Apopka Tree Experts Share Tips To Help Trees Survive Through Drought Seasons With Less Watering

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Apopka, Florida – After a recent weather forecast showed that there may be many drought seasons ahead, Apopka Tree Experts decided to share tips with homeowners that would enable them to beat the drought with less tree watering.

"A recent weather forecast report showed that Apopka and its suburbs were expected to experience many drought seasons in the years to come," said the CEO. "Knowing the deal with drought seasons—inadequate water—Apopka Tree Experts found it not only wise but also caring to share tree care tips that would help trees survive through the drought with less watering."

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The CEO noted that the first tip was to plant drought-resistant trees. He insisted on homeowners using tree care specialists to make sure the right choice of drought-resistant trees is made.

"Drought-resistant trees are the future," said the CEO. "These types of trees require the least energy to survive." Apopka Tree Experts, therefore, advise homeowners to normalize planting drought-resistant trees and, hence, achieve the goal of less tree watering. However, because many other factors determine which trees are best suited for a given region, homeowners should make it a habit to contact professionals for successful drought-tolerant tree planting in their homes.

The CEO advised homeowners to water their trees in the morning.

"The next tip that will help the homeowner maintain the amount of water he uses to a minimum is early watering," said the CEO. "Very early in the morning, the sun has not yet risen and it will take some time to do so. Do you know the deal with the sun? It dries the water that the homeowner watered the tree with quickly, so the tree is left asking for more. When watered early, the trees have enough time to slowly take up the water, hence managing to survive with the little water available."

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He also mentioned that mulching and shading helped the tree require less watering.

"Mulching is very essential because it helps conserve moisture," said the CEO. "This helps the trees to utilize all the available water to the maximum. Also, for the trees in the nursery, shading will help to protect the trees from getting in direct contact with the sun, thereby lowering transpiration.”

Reportedly, Apopka Tree Experts uses its Google site to share helpful tree care tips with homeowners.

"These are just the tip of the iceberg of the kind of information that Apopka Tree Experts shares with homeowners through its Google site," said the CEO. "For all the information shared, however, Apopka Tree Experts urges homeowners not to take action on their own unless advised by their trusted tree care specialists. For the sake of their trees and their safety, homeowners should remember that tree experts know more about trees than they do and, hence, leaving the most to the experts."

The CEO also urged homeowners in Apopka and the entire neighborhood to make their bookings with Apopka Tree Experts.

"For decades now," said the CEO, "Apopka Tree Experts has proven to be the home of specialists that homeowners in Apopka and the entire neighborhood trust. The team promises to continue giving homeowners more reasons to trust them. To continue benefiting from Apopka Tree Experts' professionalism, homeowners should contact the company for all their tree care needs."

Apopka Tree Experts' offices are located at 2616 Pemberton Dr., Apopka, FL 32703, United States. Homeowners can also reach out to the company by calling (321) 273-7282 or sending an email to

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