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Lincoln Tree Service Pros CEO Talks About Importance of Tree Care Procedures

December 21, 2022
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Lincoln, California – To increase awareness of the need for tree care, Lincoln Tree Service Pros CEO earlier today spoke on the importance of taking care of trees.

“Homeowners who don’t take care of their trees most probably don’t understand the need to,” said the CEO. “The only way to save them is by sharing the importance of doing the same. Lincoln Tree Service Pros is ready for it all, and by the end of today, homeowners should be understanding the importance of each tree care procedure.”

Lincoln Tree Service

The CEO went ahead and started discussing the importance of tree care procedures.

“The first very important tree care procedure, yet the most ignored, is tree trimming and pruning,” said the CEO. “Pruning helps to improve a tree's health by eliminating dying or already dead branches. These branches are very dangerous and hence removing them reduces the risk of them harming properties, animals, and human beings. It also helps to improve the structural appearance of the tree, hence improving the landscape appearance as well. What's more? For fruit trees, pruning increases the size and productivity of the crop. Note that trees should be pruned early for easy training of the tree shape.”

“The second procedure is fertilization,” said the CEO. “Fertilization supplements the trees with the three macronutrients—Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium—essential for growth and metabolic activities. It also helps to speed up the recovery process of pruned trees. More so, annual fertilization helps young trees to grow and establish faster.”

To understand better how Lincoln Tree Service Pros helps homeowners to improve their trees, visit the company’s web page via:

“Tree removal is yet another very important tree procedure,” said the CEO. “However, if avoidable, this procedure should not be done. It serves as a tree care procedure when done for the safety of other things. For instance, an infected tree that is beyond saving should be removed to prevent spreading to other trees. Another condition that forces the tree to be removed is when it is dying or dead to prevent it from falling on properties, family, or other plants. Note that after the tree is removed, the stump should also be removed to reduce the risk of injuring the family.”

“Tree transplanting is yet another procedure that helps to improve trees,” said the CEO. “It helps to move the trees to areas that best fit them. This enhances healthy growth of the trees.”

The CEO then confirmed that Lincoln Tree Service Pros offered all the said tree care procedures.

“Just like it is indicated on the Lincoln Tree Service Pros Media Room,” said the CEO, “the company offers all the discussed procedures. It also offers other services like planting, and emergency services, and its certified arborists also help homeowners to treat their diseased trees.”

The CEO winded up his speech by urging homeowners in Lincoln and its suburbs to make their tree care bookings with Lincoln Tree Service Pros.

“With all that said,” said the CEO, “homeowners will only enjoy the advantages linked to the tree procedures if only they use highly trained and experienced tree care specialists. The Lincoln Tree Service Pros team is ready to work with all the homeowners in Lincoln and its suburbs looking forward to seeing their trees improving. Make those tree care bookings and Lincoln Tree Service Pros will deliver immediately.”

Lincoln Tree Service Pros is located at 112 Flocchini Cir, Lincoln, CA 95648, United States. The company can also be reached by calling +1 916-304-1599 or sending an email to

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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December 21, 2022Lincoln Tree Service Pros CEO Talks About Importance of Tree Care Procedures

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