New Year, New Make More Offers Challenge with Myron Golden

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New York, New York -

Myron Golden Enterprises announces enrollment is now open for the upcoming Make More Offers Challenge (MMOC) starting December 12, and running through Dec 16th. This five day intensive benefits consultants, coaches, and brick and mortar or e-commerce owners looking for breakthroughs in business in the new year. In just five days of training, if they follow the steps outlined in the MMOC, participants can commit to making more offers, with the potential to earn a six, figure or seven figure income, per month. Signing up is easy—just visit: Myron Golden Challenge.

Myron Golden is a marketing mastermind with over twenty years of experience in launching and building businesses that earn tens of thousands to millions per month. According to Golden, quick and exponential growth is possible, however, participants have to dig deep and perhaps, address some flawed beliefs.

Make More Offers Challenge - Myron Golden

Golden grounds his work in biblical principles, which are not at all what are generally taught. “Many of us have been told that it’s wrong to pursue wealth,” says Golden, “nowhere in the bible does it say that.” Golden is fond of citing King Solomon as an example. “King Solomon, was a consultant to his contemporaries, a great communicator, who took people in business, and showed them how to do it better,” says Golden. "He was the King of continual cash flow, and that’s what I teach people how to do.”

One key component of the MMOC challenge is learning to navigate the selling process, and making it a consistent part of the business day. Participants are also challenged personally. It is not uncommon for attendees to be forced to examine and alter their mindset and limiting beliefs. An optimistic outlook is one that can be communicated to clients as well, as you help them envision a new future. According to Golden, mindset is a big part of accelerating business growth. “In life, and in business, we are successful when we envision who we need to become, and commit to getting there, and you can help clients do the same.”

One past MMOC participant, Eileen, was a homeschooling mom living on a limited income with her Uber driver husband. She attended a marketing conference with a friend and realized that her background of 18 years in ministry had value. “I realized that I could run a mentorship program and offer life coaching grounded in biblical principles.” So, that’s what she did.

Later, when she met Golden at an event, she had her “speech,” her elevator pitch, and an offer. “I was making some money,” she says. “When I met Myron and he began talking about making offers, what I heard was, you’re on the right track, but need to take more action, more massive action.” So, that’s what she did. She found a way to enroll in Myron’s course, and now earns millions as a public speaker and coach.

According to Eileen, the tools presented in the MMOC challenge are not complicated, but implementing does require discipline and effort. “Sometimes I feel like the secret between successful people and unsuccessful people is literally, just taking action,” she says. “I remind my clients all the time that procrastination is the assassination of the desired destination.”

The MMOC is perfect for work-from-home CEOs, entrepreneurs, consultants, or anyone looking to increase their income quickly. Golden packs a lot into each session, but all steps boil down into one key concept, crafting the right offer and communicating it well and often. “It doesn’t matter what business you are in, “says Golden, “you first have to be in the business of marketing, and learning how to make a great offer is a big part of that.”

Each day of the MMOC challenge has steps that are scaffolded into a strategy that includes:

The art of making great Offers
Crafting a script so you can pitch effortlessly
Engineering digital campaigns that work
What Golden calls the Offer Success Stack, the road map to a seven figure income.

This crash course can be a fast-track to a five, six or seven figure income, even if a product or service isn’t 100% ready. “The greatest motivator for tailoring a service and getting it out into the market is a big sale,” says Golden. “You’ll figure it out quickly, and get paid what you are worth.” According to Eileen, wisdom can be purchased, which speeds things up. “The bible tells us to seek wisdom,” she says. “I recommend buying it from others who are crushing it. It’s a gift to yourself, because you’re going to show up and do the things that will lead to success.”

Enrollment for the next “Make More Offers Challenge” with Myron Golden is now open, with the first session taking place on December 12th. Those interested must act fast. There are VIP and General Admission Tiers available, with VIP members receiving more personalized coaching prior to each MMOC session. Visit: to learn more.

Dr. Myron Golden is a business coach, entrepreneur and author based in the Tampa, FL area. Golden speaks at Mastermind events around the country sharing his journey from sanitation worker to CEO of over a dozen multimillion dollar companies using the principles he lays out in his “Make More Offers Challenge” seminars.

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