Past Client Says He's Never Been More at Peace and Felt So Free After Finding Addiction Recovery with The River Source

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Phoenix, Arizona -

Phoenix, AZ — After numerous attempts, an Arizona man finally considers himself sober, thanks to The River Source in Phoenix. He was so pleased with his treatment experience he praised the program in a five-star review on Google.

“The River Source gave me the tools for the most disciplined and thorough recovery I’ve ever had,” wrote the former client, Jason. “Three years later, I’ve never been more at peace and felt so free in my entire life.”

Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Phoenix AZ The River Source

This fully accredited treatment program operates with the singular goal of helping clients discover the best version of themselves. All care is delivered with honesty, integrity and kindness, focusing on delivering results based on truly effective care.

Proof of the staff’s confidence in this standard is The River Source’s unique Recovery Guarantee: If someone relapses within a year of graduating from the full continuum of care despite following their treatment plan, they may return for treatment at no charge.

The Recovery Guarantee was created in response to research showing that those who complete only 30 or fewer days of treatment are more likely to relapse than those who complete at least 90 days. It is an incentive to help the client keep going even when faced with challenges in treatment. The River Source guarantees that if clients take advantage of the entire program, they can break the cycle of addiction and reclaim their life.

Those seeking release from addiction, like Jason, will find a comprehensive program where they can learn to live free of addictive substances by adopting more positive strategies for dealing with stress. The River Source offers the whole journey to recovery for anyone struggling with addiction, from detox to residential treatment and lifetime post-care programs. Levels of care include intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization.

At The River Source, all care is based on scientifically proven strategies balanced with alternative therapies like yoga and meditation. They’re part of the center’s holistic approach to addiction, treating the whole person rather than just their dependence. When the body and mind are relaxed, the client is more open to treatment and eventual recovery.

This includes the physical surroundings of the facility itself. While not luxurious, the setting is comfortable and welcoming. For example, residents can watch TV in detox and residential areas. Facilities include fitness equipment, games and recreational activities.

Treatment begins with detox, an introductory period that prepares the body for rehab by eliminating the toxins built up during substance use. This can include nutritional IV therapy, medication-assisted treatment and non-traditional approaches such as massage, dry sauna, acupuncture, yoga and meditation. How long detox lasts depends on such factors as the type of substance the client has been using. The longer and the more frequently the client has been using, the longer and more difficult detox will be. This is why it’s so important to undergo detox under qualified supervision like The River Source offers.

After completing detox, clients transition to residential treatment. Key offerings include group, individual and family therapy and may focus on co-occurring disorders — also known as dual diagnosis — when addiction is accompanied by an emotional or psychological condition that may be the primary disorder rather than the addiction itself.

In addition, women may receive trauma-informed care and therapy that promotes healthy bonds between women; a special track for pregnant clients also is available.

The River Source is a fully accredited center with five locations in Arizona. For comprehensive drug or alcohol addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one, visit The River Source or call 866-367-6881.

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