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Dandy Is Pioneering AI-Powered Automated Review Reply Technology for Online Reputation Management

November 28, 2022
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Irvine, California -

Dandy, the popular reputation management automation platform, has announced the release of a new feature: AI-powered automated review replies. The feature launch is especially noteworthy because Dandy is the first company to bring this revolutionary new feature to market in a full-fledged software suite.

The automated review reply feature offers huge time savings for the thousands of users that use Dandy’s reputation management software suite to give their businesses an edge. Whether they are unsure of the right words to use when replying to a critical review or whether they just don’t have the time to respond to all feedback that comes their way, Dandy’s AI can do the job for them. Since the AI has been trained on thousands of exemplary replies, business owners can trust the software to always put the right foot forward and paint their business in a positive light.

The spokesperson for Dandy, Bri Nicole talks about the newly launched software feature by saying, “Dandy has been long known for our flagship AI-powered review scoring and programmatic review dispute technology that has brought astounding results for our clients. We are now moving on to the next logical step to add value to our customers and brands by giving them more of their time back. With our new AI-powered automated review reply feature, Dandy will automatically reply to all of your reviews in a way that is both personal and optimized for local SEO. You can save time by automating this process across your multiple review sites and locations. Our mission, as the world's first reputation automation platform, has always been to apply automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to the reputation management space. This is just another feature that saves our customers and brands hundreds and hundreds of hours. We're proud to be pioneering this category.”

Dandy’s technology utilizes copywriting artificial intelligence to craft each review reply. Each reply is prepared in a way that is both personal and optimized for local SEO, helping its clients’ businesses climb in Google’s local search rankings. The software’s users can set the automated review reply feature to automatically reply to old and new reviews. Users can also preview each message before it is posted, just to be sure. Once they see just how pertinent the replies are, they can set the system up to work automatically, saving them hundreds of expensive man-hours.

Dandy’s AI-powered automated tool is currently only functioning for Google and Yelp reviews. The company’s customers can simply turn on the feature and watch it automatically reply to hundreds or thousands of reviews across the aforementioned platforms. Support for other major review aggregator platforms is currently in the works and clients will be updated as soon as more integrations are available.

Bri goes on to further explain the power and utility of its new automated reply feature by saying, “You can think of the automated review reply feature as your very own personal assistant that is ready 24/7 to placate your disgruntled customers and celebrate your delighted ones! To train this AI algorithm, we tapped into our company’s core strength – our years of hands-on experience with how users leave feedback online. With our vast knowledge base, we have become exceedingly good at identifying what works to portray your brand in a positive light, regardless of whether the customer was delighted with your services or whether they were left disappointed and are just airing out their grievances. Our AI can draft automated replies for all kinds of reviews by determining the reviewer’s sentiment to a very high degree of accuracy. Of course, all of this is still backed up by our suite of reputation management services that have already helped propel thousands of our clients to the top of their target Google searches. We urge you to find out more about Dandy’s new AI-driven automated reply feature at and to incorporate its power into your digital marketing workflow. We are confident that the results will blow you away!”

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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