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Home Rate Mortgage Announces Quicker, More Competitive Mortgage Quotes

November 15, 2022
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Chattanooga, Tennessee -

While mortgage rates have risen by 6.07% as of late, Home Rate Mortgage has stated that it is still possible for buyers to save money by choosing the right mortgage product. The company has said that they have already started providing more competitive quotes.

Chatanooga TN – Home Rate Mortgage has announced that their mortgage calculator was recently updated, along with the ability to send and more competitive quotes quicker. According to the company, it is possible for the average home buyer to save up over $300 on monthly mortgage payments by simply choosing the right mortgage product. Home Rate Mortgage’s quotes are highly competitive and often reflect the needs of a potential home buyer.

As interest rates rise, many first-time home buyers are hesitant to enter the market. It is especially concerning considering that the average American is paying nearly 30% of their household income in the way of mortgage payments. The rise is certainly startling, but according to Home Rate Mortgage, the right product can help homeowners save money, and that’s despite the recent hike in interest rates.

Home Rate Mortgage provides a free, no-obligation quote in addition to a free consultation for those seeking a mortgage either the first time or if it's their second time. In addition, the company offers other products that are recommended based on the buyer’s needs.

Readers can get a free, no-obligation mortgage quote by visiting

“At Home Rate Mortgage, we are all about helping people find the right mortgage loan that helps them secure a home and keep it forever. However, many people are understandably skittish as of late after hearing that interest rates have risen. That said, by choosing the right mortgage type and product, it is possible to save quite a bit of money. Moreover, we are now offering more competitive mortgage quotes and are closing sooner than anyone else,” said a representative for Home Rate Mortgage.

He added, “We also consult with people who want to buy a home to try and find the right mortgage product for them, which can be tailored to their unique needs.”

About Home Rate Mortgage

HomeRate Mortgage is a Tennessee-based mortgage company that helps local homeowners save money. Led by Ben Phillips, considered the voice of the company, he, along with manager Eric Bradshaw, has worked to steer the company to success across hundreds of clients. The company is known for offering the lowest possible mortgage rates, along with the quickest approvals, thanks to the most experienced mortgage professionals in the state.

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About Home Rate Mortgage:

HomeRate Mortgage of Tennessee saves local home owners money. Ben Phillips is the voice of HomeRate Mortgage and he helps Eric Bradshaw manage the success of hundreds of clients mortgage closings.

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Eric Bradshaw
7506 East Brainerd Road
Chattanooga, TN 37421
United States
(844) 805-9100

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