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Meet Positives Makes Dating Possible For Those With Herpes

November 14, 2022
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Chicago, Illinois -

Meet Positives, a dating website for people with herpes and other chronic sexually transmitted infections, would like to reach out to STD positive individuals who are interested in dating again. Meet Positives understands that a positive diagnosis can often make it very difficult to find a romantic partner, so the platform aims to make it easier for people to meet others living with similar conditions — or those who understand what it is like to live with incurable STIs. With the help of Meet Positives, single people living with herpes have another chance at finding love.

‘The Talk’ as it is commonly referred to is the most difficult thing for many people living with a chronic condition like herpes. The term refers to the conversation one might have with a potential partner where they reveal their positive status. The dreaded talk is what makes positive singles nervous about dating as their partner’s reaction is often less than encouraging. Meet Positives aims to make it so ‘The Talk’ will become a thing of the past. Meeting people on Meet Positives means connecting with people who are already aware of one’s diagnosis and who have no intention of passing judgment based on it. It removes the burden of carrying a secret to every romantic encounter, leaving positive singles to get to know and perhaps fall in love with other people based on who they are and not what their status is.

“A lot of people are surprised by how common herpes is,” says the herpes dating platform. “Over 40 million of people live with this draining yet common condition, but only a few know they are infected. In the United States of America, 1 in 5 people live with the disease. Genital herpes has become the most prevalent sexually transmitted infection in recent years. If you are living with herpes, you are not alone. There are many others like you, and even though there’s no cure for herpes, you can still live a happy and healthy life. For an infected person, it’s very important to find the right crowd. The community here is made of similar people who understand your situation and will not be quick to judge. Meet Positives was built for positive individuals and has thousands of singles who have made this website their sharing platform. Members share their stories and information on how to live a better life with the infection. By joining, you will enjoy a number of benefits.”

One of the things that make Meet Positives different from other dating platforms is the fact that it also serves as a place for people living with herpes and other conditions to share their stories and find support. Through online discussion forums and individual posts, members can learn about how others have learned to live with their diagnosis along with finding information on how to manage one’s condition better and lead a fuller, happier life. Talking about one’s condition, especially with people who do not have to live with it, can be very difficult. Sharing with other Meet Positives members is meant to make it easier to carry the burden of a herpes diagnosis and perhaps make it so it ceases to be a burden at all. Learn more here: Meet Positives Herpes Dating.

Meet Positives says, “Dating is difficult for most people and being positive with HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus) does not make it any easier. When you are positive, it is very important to disclose your status to the person who you’re dating. Having ‘The Talk’ is never easy or comfortable because the risk of rejection is always there and many people will not want to date an infected person. Meet Positives created a platform for herpes singles to meet and date without the fear of rejection. If you are living with herpes and would like to be around people who care and provide crucial information about your status, join Meet Positives. Joining this site is easy. All you need to do is create an account and add some information about yourself to share with other herpes singles. There are thousands of herpes singles looking for someone just like you. Forget about rejections, join Meet Positives today and find someone special.”

For more information on herpes dating, visit Meet Positives. The platform is ready to welcome anyone who is interested.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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Meet Positive is an alternative to dating and a second chance for positive singles who live with a sexually transmitted disease.


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