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Gramercy Pain Center Explains the Risk Factors for Back Pain

November 07, 2022
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Gramercy Pain Center, based in Holmdel, NJ, has recently released a blog post that explains the risk factors for back pain. The article points out that there are many factors, such as being overweight, physically inactive, genetics, and having a desk job with poor posture, that contribute to back pain.

The intensity of the pain can vary significantly, from just a dull ache to a burning, stabbing, or shooting pain in the back. The pain may also radiate down a leg and standing, walking, lifting, twisting, and bending can worsen the pain. Fortunately, they offer a wide range of back pain treatment alternatives at Gramercy Pain Center. They can provide an accurate diagnosis of the source of the back pain and suggest the best possible non-surgical treatment for it.

back pain treatment by Gramercy Pain Center in Holmdel

Some of the typical causes of back pain are: repeated or excessive heavy lifting that can cause muscle strain or spine injury; having a poor posture; traumatic injuries, falls, and auto accidents; fractures on the spine; bulging or herniated discs; degenerative disc disease; spinal stenosis; ankylosing spondylitis or other types of arthritis of the spine; osteoporosis; and pinched nerves or cervical radiculopathy. And the common risk factors for back pain include: being 40 years old and above; lack of sufficient exercise and having a sedentary lifestyle; being pregnant; being overweight; having a history of spine problems or diseases; and having a job that requires heavy lifting, pushing, or excessive movements that may damage the spine.

Some of the signs that a person needs to consult with a back or spine specialist are: stiffness in the morning, particularly when waking up; prolonged pain while at rest, sitting, or standing; increased pain and discomfort when moving or bending; numbness in the legs; a stabbing or burning sensation in the back; and severe upper or lower back pain that is accompanied by weight loss, fever, or bladder issues.

At Gramercy Pain Center, they offer a broad variety of pain relief procedures and services, including: steroid injections; nerve blocks; platelet-rich plasma injections; sacroiliac joint injections; facet joint injections; trigger point injections; hyaluronic injections; peripheral nerve stimulation; spinal cord stimulation; disc decompressions; cryoablation; and physical therapy.

Gramercy Pain Center with offices in Holmdel, Montclair, and Red Bank, NJ, applies an integrated strategy to health care that is focused on the use of treatments and therapies that relieve pain and enhance the patient’s quality of life. This pain center is guided by board-certified interventional pain management experts Ajay Varma, MD, DABA, DABAPM, and Ali Valimahomed, MD. They integrate physical therapy, medications, home exercises, and minimally invasive interventional pain management techniques to help patients get relief from their pain. They specialize in the treatment of many common chronic pain conditions that are caused by joints, fibromyalgia, sciatica, headaches and migraines, cancer, the abdominal and pelvic area, arthritis, nerves, the spine, such as spinal stenosis, herniated or bulging discs. They also offer treatment for tendinitis, muscle strains, and sports injuries. Their service areas include: Shrewsbury, NJ; Hazlet, NJ; Aberdeen, NJ; Middletown, NJ; Hoboken, NJ; Bayonne, NJ; Hilltop Jersey City, NJ; Greenville, NJ; Bergen-Lafayette, NJ; West Bergen, NJ; Bergen Hill, NJ; West Side Jersey City, NJ; Downtown Jersey City, NJ; Wayne, NJ; Paterson, NJ; and East Hanover, NJ.

Meanwhile, Gramercy Pain Center Holmdel has recently received a five star review for lower back pain treatment. James V. gave them five stars and said, “The care I receive from Dr. Varma and his staff makes me feel like a whole person. There is nothing more important to them than your wellbeing and they won't stop until you are 100% better. I had a hard time finding neuropathic pains in my lower back. All of them went above and beyond expectations. If you are looking for a pain management doctor, I would recommend Dr. Varma.”

Those who are interested in learning more about the pain relief treatments provided at Gramercy Pain Center can check out their website or contact them on the phone or through email. They are open from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm on Mondays; and from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm from Tuesday to Friday.

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