The Make More Offers Challenge Restarts October 3rd

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New York, New York -

TAMPA, FL - Myron Golden Enterprises announces the next Make More Offers Challenge (MMOC) launches on October 3, with enrollment open to entrepreneurs, consultants, and business owners looking to increase their income exponentially.

Dr. Myron Golden is a marketing mastermind who coaches work-from-home CEOs and business professionals looking to grow seven to eight-figure businesses and income. The Make More Offers Challenge (MMOC) is a marketing intensive that begins October 3 and runs through October 7. One-hour sessions for General Admission and two-hour sessions for VIP members are available. These are fast-paced calls loaded with practical steps to develop the personal discipline and marketing expertise needed to jump-start a more profitable business by crafting the right kind of offer.

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One MMOC participant, Tina Lorenz, offers what she calls a fair warning. “Sometimes you will find resistance rearing its ugly head, whispering that you can’t do it,” she says. “But, with Myron’s guidance, you can annihilate those limiting beliefs and experience the power of making more offers.” She adds, “Myron is smart, authentic and he cares. He’s committed to your success if you’re willing to do your part.”

Dr. Golden is a high-energy speaker known for firing off dozens of ideas in single sessions, ideas that many say transformed their businesses. Golden also has a reputation for being able to listen carefully and help clients identify and break down barriers they don’t see. “Often in these sessions, it becomes clear why a business isn’t growing, and it’s rooted in the owner’s belief system.” Golden personally works from and lives out of, a biblical perspective. At the same time, he says the principles presented in his MMOC challenges are universal. “Business success isn’t about making an obscene amount of money just because,” he says. “It’s about having a vision, becoming financially independent, and finding purpose in life by helping those around you.”

Based in Tampa, Florida Golden has been speaking at Mastermind events across the country for over a decade. His unusual journey from sanitation worker to launching and owning several successful business entities doesn’t have to be unique, he says. “Incredible business growth is possible for anyone, but you have to be willing to learn, and apply foundational marketing principles and more importantly—how to craft and communicate great offers.”

Another one of Golden’s basic tenets for accelerating growth is learning how to listen. “If you ask the right questions, and listen carefully, clients will tell you very clearly what they want.” Says Golden, “Then, you learn to frame your offers to address their wants, AND what you know they need, which is often something very different.” Golden says it's a surefire way to close bigger deals more often. Lorenz agrees. “The MMOC with Myron is the most transformational advice I have ever received from a mentor.” She adds, “I learned how to achieve an 80% close rate, and increased my monthly revenue from my previous highest ever, by 55%.”

Each day of the week in the MMOC challenge has steps that can be scaffolded into a marketing and sales strategy to grow any kind of business quickly. “No matter what business you think you are in, your primary business has to be marketing,” says Golden. “Finding and signing new customers is the core of any seven or eight figure enterprise.”

Included in the Make More Offers Challenge: The Science of crafting great offers, Strategies that will justify a higher price tag, Scripts for pitching an offer clearly and creatively, Systemization for successful marketing campaigns, and What Golden calls the OFFER SUCCESS STACK.

According to Golden, all of these tools work, but successful entrepreneurs must take time out to envision who they need to become to achieve. “It’s about developing the right spiritual and psychological mindset, along with a sound offer strategy.” He adds, “To put it more simply, this is a Master Course for any business owner that wants to grow.”

Enrollment for the newest Make More Offers Challenge (MMOC) with Myron Golden is now open, with the first session taking place on October 3. For more information, or to sign up, visit:

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