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September 29, 2022
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Chicago, Illinois -

US based is pleased to reiterate their support of everyone’s right to pursue a romantic relationship even if they are positive for an STI. One of the biggest obstacles preventing people from finding love, according to the dating platform, is the prospect of having to tell their significant other about their diagnosis early on in the relationship. Thanks to, this is no longer a concern, and people can simply be themselves instead of being defined by their positive status. Anyone can meet positive singles today by signing up on

“Our members frequently share that one of the hardest parts of a new relationship was always having ‘the talk’ with their partner,” says “Dating can already be a fraught and difficult process for many, especially if they have not been in a relationship in some time, and having to cue such a heavy conversation can be nerve-wracking. Unfortunately, many are also right to be concerned that their partner will not take the news of their positive status well as it is common for relationships to end soon after. Previously, our members believed that this was simply their new ‘normal,’ and they assumed they would have to account for the possibility of a relationship ending at this point.”

Even if the relationship continues, the platform acknowledges that the talk is still difficult to get through, and the vast majority of people would prefer not to have it at all. Since it is crucial to ensure a potential sexual partner is able to make informed decisions about their own sexual health (especially when it comes to taking precautions against transmission), avoiding the talk altogether is not an option. Fortunately, they can now avoid the talk and still respect their partner’s right to know by joining More information on this can be found in the Meet Positives press resources.

The key to this is the fact that everyone’s status is openly paired with their profile on A new member who has herpes, for instance, can swiftly search for partners exclusively from a list of members who also have herpes. This makes it easier for them to connect with another person who is undergoing many of the same experiences they are, and it gives them common ground to start a relationship on. In addition to not needing to ‘reveal’ their positive status, another partner who also has herpes will understand what they are going through and be able to provide support. The same is true of matches who are positive for other STIs as well, even though they do not have precisely the same condition. Dealing with stigmas, treatments and so on can all be shared experiences.

Further, the platform allows members to communicate with each other via open forums. A member can find a connection through more than romance alone; they can also talk to other members as peers. Many are ready and willing to share advice or stories about their life as positive individuals, and these accounts can be extremely helpful to those who have just been diagnosed as well as those who have been living with their positive status for years.

The platform encourages users to try out the Meet Positives app as well, which makes online dating much more convenient and accessible. Every feature a member could want from their website experience is available here as well, including the ability to customize their profile and search for matches based on their condition, area and more. also gives them the option to search for people depending on the type of relationship they are looking for — a long-term romance is by no means the only offering. Anyone can seek friendship on, for instance. However, the platform does emphasize that all of their matches are carefully curated by the algorithm to ensure the highest chance of a long-term interaction. Whether said interaction involves a friendship or a relationship, the platform heavily favors pairing people who are most likely to gain a lot from their time together.’s vast array of features are available via their official website and app, and all are encouraged to create a profile and get started at any time. The community is always ready to welcome new members.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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Meet Positive is an alternative to dating and a second chance for positive singles who live with a sexually transmitted disease.


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