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McHenry Roofing Is Helping Baltimore Homeowners Affordably Deal With An Emergency Roof Repair Despite Inflation

September 30, 2022
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Baltimore City roofing company McHenry Roofing is helping Maryland residents understand the effect that inflation is having on the roofing industry and is offering tips to property owners who want to save money in these uncertain times.

The current annual inflation rate in the United States, for the 12 months that ended in July 2022, is 8.5%. Over the last 12 months, it had reached a high of 9.1%, the highest over the last 4 decades. Most businesses are struggling with having to increase prices to keep up with the market and stay afloat.

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The roofing industry is no exception. The NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) said that construction material prices are 24.4% higher than just a year ago. With energy prices increasing by over 34%, it is affecting the cost to manufacture and transport the finished goods. This increases the prices that roofing contractors all over the country have to pay for high-quality materials and this expense is being passed on to the customers.

Some roofing contractors are not even able to promise an assured estimate for longer than a few weeks due to the fluctuation in market prices. Some homeowners can choose to delay home improvement tasks till prices stabilize. However, this luxury is not available to property owners whose roofs are in urgent need of repair, as the repairs are time sensitive and need to be carried out regardless of the current state of the market.

A spokesperson for McHenry Roofing talks about how homeowners can ensure that an emergency roof repair does not turn into a debilitating expense by saying, “Whether you are well off, making a modest living, or just scraping by, inflation has undoubtedly touched the lives of every American household over the last year. The roofing industry, just like the construction and general contracting industries, has also been caught in the vicious cycle of price increases that reduces demand and leads to a further increase in prices. As a homeowner or commercial property owner, this means that you are going to have to be wise about handling unplanned expenses such as emergency roofing repairs. Since sudden roof damage due to an adverse weather event can threaten the integrity of the entire property if left unrepaired, you have to ensure that it is taken care of within a reasonable time frame. If not, you risk having to shell out even more money for extensive repairs further down the road. We urge you to set aside some money and schedule a roof inspection as soon as possible, especially if you haven’t had one in many years. Fortifying your home or property’s roof today will ensure that you won’t be blindsided with significant repair costs if a disaster happens to strike at an inopportune time. If you are already in a dire situation and need an experienced roofer who can fix your problem within your current means and work seamlessly with your home insurance provider, contact us here at McHenry Roofing, your best roofing partners in Baltimore, Maryland, and nearby areas.”

McHenry Roofing has been serving Baltimore City and Baltimore County neighborhoods for over 25 years. The company’s expertise extends to all kinds of roofing solutions including flat roofing, pitched roofing, commercial roofing, metal roofing, gutters and downspouts, skylights and sun tunnels, soffit and fascia repair, gutter guards, and more. The ability to work with every roofing material and roofing configuration out there allows the company’s licensed and insured technicians to propose innovative industry-standard solutions that fit within their customers’ budgets. The company also has plenty of experience working with insurance providers to ensure that their customers don’t have to pay for the entire cost of the emergency roof repair out of their own pockets.

Readers looking for an affordable roofer in Baltimore MD can contact McHenry Roofing at (410) 774-6609. The locally owned and operated company promises that it responds to all customer queries with a quote within 24 hours of being contacted.

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