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Herpes Dating is Now More Worry-Free than Ever with the New MeetPositives.Com App

September 06, 2022
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Chicago, Illinois - is a 20-year-old online dating service that over time has become the ‘New Face’ of Herpes dating. A title that was earned by this service being as progressive as possible when it comes to helping those with Herpes comfortably seek a partner again. Proof of this can be seen with the service’s new herpes dating app. An app that is available to both Apple and Android phone and smart device users that helps make dating for those living with Herpes more worry-free than ever. A representative of the service, Michael Task, says, “Even though people living with Herpes are keenly in tune with their bodies and well-aware of their limitations as far as intimacy in a relationship is concerned when an outbreak occurs, there is still a lot of stigmas surrounding dating those that have this illness. This is something that makes many Herpes sufferers hesitant to start dating again. We here at feel that’s a shame because everyone deserves to find companionship and love. That’s why one of the main focuses of our service and apps is to help those with Herpes comfortably enter the dating scene again.”

Task went on to discuss how their new app is helping those living with Herpes feel comfortable dating again. It all starts with them being able to connect with other app users that share the same illness. That enables them to have a guilt and stress-free dating experience again. This is because they no longer must worry about eventually having ‘The Talk’ with a new partner which can cause the relationship to possibly end or to worry about passing on their ailment to someone that they care deeply about. Something he described as being paramount when it comes to a positive single with Herpes getting back into the dating scene. The service representative says that the new app for their dating website for people with herpes gives those suffering from Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) many options when it comes to looking for romance and a new partner. This includes being able to search for site members that are right around the corner from them or halfway across the world. He mentioned that they have site members with Herpes that are from bigger countries such as the USA and UK to countries as small as The Bahamas and Fiji. The app uses some 97-matching parameters to make sure that site users are as compatible as they can possibly be before it connects two people. App users will input such information as their type of Herpes, location, and sexual orientation. Information will also include their age and the traits they are looking for in a partner. All the information that goes into the app’s Herpes dating search process is kept secure and is 100% anonymous. Trask added that there is no easier, discreet, and guilt-free way for those that are living with Herpes to have a normal dating experience again. He stated this is something that all those at are very pleased to do and they will continue to find creative ways for Herpes sufferers to connect with others that have this illness to find meaningful companionship.

The service’s representative says that those with Herpes that want to discreetly find a partner to build a relationship with can get more information on the Meet Positives herpes dating app by referring to their website. There are even convenient download links on the website for both Apple and Android phone and smart device users. He also talked about how on their website and apps, those living with Herpes can even get Herpes dating advice from the many blogs and articles that are posted on them. The website also updates the latest information on Herpes treatments and efforts to find a cure along with drug reviews, treatment side effects, and treatment success stories. App users can also learn about other site users dating experiences with the partners that they have found through the service.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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Meet Positive is an alternative to dating and a second chance for positive singles who live with a sexually transmitted disease.


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