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Method Seven's Prescription Aviator Sunglasses, The Ascent Aviator FLT24s, Receive Rave Reviews

September 09, 2022
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Santa Cruz, California -

Method Seven, the maker and manufacturer of the first scientifically researched and developed range of flight glasses for pilots, is urging aviators to check out its range of pilot glasses that offer the entire gamut of safety, utility, and accessibility features that they will ever need.

James Cox, the CEO of Method Seven, talks about why the company’s products are the perfect fit for aviators by saying, “The innovations in eyewear technology that we have cultivated here at Method Seven are particularly well suited for people who work in environments where they face a risk from intense and polarized light. This includes outdoor enthusiasts, growers, and of course, aviators. So, our sunglasses end up being more than just an awesome style statement. They are indispensable tools in the lives of our professional customers. We like to call them “noise-canceling technology for your eyes.” Our sunglasses allow pilots to provide safe passage for themselves and their passengers, even when the flying conditions are especially difficult. While our darkest offerings block over 90% of available light, they still allow you to render your flight deck, or your iPad, in sharp detail. If you are an aviator looking for sunglasses with the best balance of style, features, pricing, and performance that is second to none, we urge you to check out our pilot collection today.”

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The company’s high-end prescription aviator sunglasses, the Ascent Aviator FLT24 Prescription Sunglasses Rx, boast precision optics that are designed specifically for aviators. The advanced polymer lenses, which are the top-of-the-line offerings from Method Seven, feature notch filtering technology for “enhanced contrast and impossible clarity.” They are available in 3 Rx options namely Bifocal “Readers”, Single Vision Rx, and Progressive Rx. Method Seven also makes available the distinctive frame of the Ascent Aviator FLT24 available with non-prescription lenses.

The neutral grey lenses are constructed from a durable polymer making them lightweight and shatterproof. The dual high-quality coatings enable the Rx lenses to have a VLT (Visible Light Transmission) of 24%, which is ideal for prescription eyewear and eyes that require high levels of visual light, while still offering full protection from UV and infrared radiation. The Ascent Aviator FLT24 has an eye width of 58mm, bridge width of 14 mm, temple length of 140 mm, and base curve of Base 6.

The Ascent Aviator FLT24's titanium alloy frame is a blend of updated aviator styling and some of the most advanced frame construction available. The sunglasses’ light, strong, and flexible titanium alloy temple pieces taper off to less than 1.0 mm thick. They seamlessly conform to the head making them comfortable to wear for long flights. They have also been designed specifically for headsets and tested for their fit with flight helmets. The sunglasses also have rubberized nose pads that add comfort on long days in the seat.

The product currently has a near-perfect overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 on the company’s website from 45 reviews. One of the reviewers who professes his appreciation for the Ascent Aviator FLT24s along with commending the company’s customer service says, “I love these sunglasses. I sent them in to have my prescription added to them and they noticed a flaw in my original sunglasses, so they replaced them and added my prescription. Great communication from the company all the way through the process. LOVE this company.”

Method Seven has a simple ordering process for US residents. Once the customer adds the Rx glasses to their cart and completes checkout, they will receive an email that requires them to submit some additional information. The company will then confirm the receipt of the customer’s information within 1-2 business days of arrival. The custom Rx glasses will then ship in 3-6 weeks and the company will send the customer an email with the tracking number. Customers can always contact Method Seven within 30 days for evaluations or returns. The company’s products are backed by a Warranty and a Forever Policy.

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Method Seven designs and manufactures stylish eyewear for protection and color balance in extreme lighting conditions like grow rooms and airplanes.

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