Mortgage Company that Offers Help to Home Buyers in the Quad Cities Exceeds 250 Reviews on Google

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Bettendorf, Iowa -

John Cornish - Mortgage Lender, based in Davenport, Iowa, is proud to announce that they have surpassed 250 reviews on Google with an overall rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars. This means that virtually all of the customer reviews they have received were five star ratings. In one of their most recent reviews, Karen J. gave them five stars and said, “They made the process of purchasing a home a smooth and easy. They kept us informed on every step of the process and where we were at in that process. You want a good team to work with use John Cornish.”

John Cornish says, “It truly makes us proud to receive such highly positive reviews. It means that we are on the right track on achieving our goal of always providing top quality service to our customers. It gives us great pleasure and a sense of accomplishment when we are able to provide quick and convenient home financing solutions for home buyers, especially those who are new to home buying. Buying a home is one of the most difficult decisions that people can make during their lifetime and it really feels great to be able to help people finally get their dream homes.”

John Cornish

John Cornish is very much aware about the highly positives praises they have been receiving from customers. In fact, on his Instagram page, in one of his video posts, he declared that he currently has 432 five star reviews between Google, Facebook, and Zillow. He emphasized that their focus has always been on their clients.

They provide help to home buyers in the Quad Cities with John Cornish having developed the reputation of being one of the leaders with regards to real estate financing. He has gained significant experience in helping people obtain home financing in the previous 10 years where he was able to assist more than 2,300 families in getting the needed financing for purchasing a home or for refinancing an existing home to benefit from their equity.

John Cornish offers help to home buyers in understanding the various options they have in getting the home financing that they require. These include the home financing that is supported by the US Federal Housing Administration (FHA), the home program offered by the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and other available real estate financing providers. The FHA home financing program is often a good choice for home buyers, especially first time home buyers, because the FHA financing contract is insured by the federal government. This allows the financing providers to offer a lower minimum down payment in contrast to the conventional home financing providers. And with regards to the VA home program, although it is only available to servicemen and veterans and their eligible spouses, it offers low interest rates, better terms, and minimal down payment. VA provides a home financing guaranty and other housing-related programs to assist people in purchasing, repairing, building, retaining, or adapting a house for personal occupancy.

John Cornish - Mortgage Lender has gained a lot of experience in providing assistance to 2,300+ families in obtaining the financing they needed to buy a new home during the past 10 years. Currently, he is regarded as a real estate financing expert in the Quad Cities. He has more than 18 years of home financing experience, which enables him to provide the best possible service to home buyers, his realtor partners, and also for the community. He always takes the time explain the key aspects of the home financing choices that are available to every client. He will conduct an in-depth analysis of his client’s goals in buying a home. And for those who already own a home, he can assess the different refinancing alternatives.

Those who would like to get more details about the services offered by John Cornish - Mortgage Lender can check out their website, or contact them through the telephone or via email. They may also want to read the latest news article about John Cornish.

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About John Cornish - Mortgage Lender :

John Cornish - Mortgage Lender values the home ownership goals of every client. He helps them find the financing options that are best for them. He has experience working with wide range of borrowers from first-time buyers to high net worth individuals.

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John Cornish

5189 Utica Ridge Rd
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