Cobb County Realtor® Ken Mandich Is Listing The Top Reasons To Use A Realtor® Sell Your Home

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Marietta, Georgia -

Listing AgentCobb County, GA, REALTOR® Ken Mandich is urging homeowners looking to sell their property to reconsider if they are planning on making the sale on their own. The REALTOR® is listing the benefits that come with enlisting the services of someone as experienced and as qualified as him and other Complete Realty Team REALTORS® in Marietta Georgia.

When a homeowner sells a home on their own, it is called an FSBO (For Sale By Owner) sale. The property owner assumes all the responsibilities that would generally be assigned to the real estate broker or agent. This involves handling all steps of putting a property up for sale and following through till the deal is closed including determining the home’s selling price based on factors such as its size, its features, and the rate at which other homes in the same neighborhood with the same number of bedrooms and square footage sold for.

The FSBO seller also has to take over the marketing to find a buyer, list the property on MLS (Multiple Listing Service), schedule appointments for home visits, stage the home to appeal to the buyer, negotiate the price when the offers come in, prepare all the legal documents including the deed to ensure full transfer of the rights to the property, and finally close the deal based on the laws of the state where the property is located.

It is very tempting for homeowners to go down the FSBO route because it can help them save money on the commission that the real estate broker must be paid for facilitating the deal. However, this is a trap as the statistics show a huge difference between the amount of money that homeowners expect to save and how much they finally end up saving.

For example, in a regular property deal where both the buyer and seller are using real estate agents, the commission, which is usually 5% to 6% is split between both. However, even when one party decides to save money by making an FSBO sale, they still must factor in the commission that has to be paid to the real estate broker representing the other party. So FSBO sellers only end up saving around half the money on commissions.

Moreover, according to statistics highlighted on Ken Mandich’s website, it has been shown through research into property sales figures that FSBO deals have a median selling price of approximately $24,000 lower than similar property deals which were handled by agents. This implies that property owners who opted for FSBO deals ended up saving a lot less money than they anticipated or, even worse, may have lost money while trying to save it.

Ken Mandich talks about the benefits of hiring a REALTOR® to oversee selling a property by saying, “Hiring a realtor to sell your house will ensure that it is priced at a value that is competitive with current market prices. They also have many more avenues to market the property listing. This enables them to find more buyers and, consequently, better offers for the property. Having a REALTOR® on one’s side will also give the property owner an upper hand in negotiations as they closely follow industry trends and have a good judgment on the intrinsic value of a desirable property. A REALTOR® also has a keen eye for interior design and knows what it takes to stage a property such that it instantly appeals to the target buyer. A dedicated professional will also be available full-time to talk with potential buyers and schedule site visits. Finally, apart from bringing years of pricing and negotiation experience to the table, a REALTOR® will also take over the paperwork involved to ensure that the sale is legal and binding. In short, a REALTOR® will work tirelessly to ensure that their client gets everything they deserve for their valuable property asset.”

Homeowners in Cobb County, GA, looking for reliable, knowledgeable, and local REALTORS® in Marietta can contact Ken Mandich at (404) 982-4559.

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