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Digital Marketing Agency Lucid Leverage Is Offering Reputation Management Services For Celebrities

August 20, 2022
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Tempe, Arizona -

Phoenix-based digital marketing agency Lucid Leverage is offering online reputation management services for public figures such as celebrities, actors, pro athletes, musicians, politicians, and more. The company can also directly work with its clients’ existing PR agencies to get rid of the bad press surrounding them and to boost the message that they want their fans and the general public to know.

Since social media has taken over everyone’s attention span, over the last few years there have been several examples of targeted campaigns with dubious motivations, that took benign statements or jokes from well-respected public figures out of context, to malign their reputations and push an agenda. For example, in 2018, James Gunn was fired as director of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie series due to the unearthing of almost decade-old social media posts. Though the politically motivated smear campaign had no lasting effect, as he was reinstated to that position a couple of years later, other celebrities, who haven’t garnered nearly as much goodwill in the industry as him, have felt the need to pay attention and prepare for such a possibility in their own careers.

Once public figures reach a certain level of exposure, whether it be in the entertainment industry or the government, their reputation is their currency. The greater positivity with which one is perceived in the media, the better the opportunities they get to further their career in an already cutthroat industry. The situation is even more critical for those holding public office as even an honest slip-up can damage their standing with the community that may have taken years of hard work to build. Once a politician loses in the court of public opinion, they are kept from furthering their well-intentioned efforts to help and improve the lives of those they are governing.

Christopher Quintela, founder of Lucid Leverage expressed his opinion, on just how toxic internet discourse can tend to get nowadays, by saying, “The term cancel culture has too much controversy surrounding it. Depending on which side you are on in the currently fractured political and social climate, you either see it as a way to demand accountability from public figures or you see it as an intrusion of one’s right to free speech. We don’t want to have that debate right now because, at the end of the day, an out-of-context tweet made in poor taste is not a litmus test of one’s core values, integrity, and beliefs. What we do know is that bad press can be detrimental to business and, consequently, your bottom line.”

Bad press can be further exacerbated by the readiness that prominent online publications, news media, social media, and the blogosphere have, to jump onto developing stories without researching their full context. Influencers will also not hesitate to twist a person’s words just to ensure that their regurgitated content gets the most attention from their viewers. They are quick to judge and are always looking for opportunities to sully the reputations of those they have deemed to be problematic. Even the paparazzi, who are notorious for their lack of respect for privacy, are quick to capture prominent people in their most vulnerable moments and paint them in a poor light to keep the outrage mill going.

Even well-crafted messages posted on social media in good faith can be misconstrued due to ambiguities. Poor messaging will ensure that virality will come swift and along with it will also come intense scrutiny of an artist’s current work, past work, and past public statements. Due to the internet’s almost limitless long-term memory, it now keeps a snapshot of everything one has ever said or did. Achieving even a modest level of popularity is enough to get determined strangers with an agenda to crawl through one’s social media history. Even if the statements one made were in jest, like James Gunn’s old tweets, or in an entirely different time and place, the context behind the words and pictures won’t matter. Subtlety will be lost on the internet’s mobs who are forever readily armed with pitchforks to attack public figures as if they have a vendetta to settle.

Christopher Quintela then talks about how it can help public figures clean their online reputation following a PR disaster by saying, “We have a staff filled with SEO and digital marketing experts who can make sure that the content that you want to be publicized and the context behind your actions is presented to everyone in its entirety. You can entrust your PR agency to craft the message. We will work with them and use everything in our toolkit to make sure it reaches far and wide and changes the narrative about you in the media. We use technologies such as AI to suppress bad tweets or bad press on search engines. Your public statement will be sent out to all major press channels so that the positive press outranks the negative press in Google search results. This outreach campaign will also involve social media marketing and reaching out to influencers who can broadcast the public statement to their followers. With our help, you can go back to focusing on the things that matter and come out of the other end of the fallout, stronger and more beloved by your core audience.”

Celebrities and public figures of note who want to ensure they have a solid hold on how they are perceived in the media and want full control over their brand can reach out to Lucid Leverage at (480) 269-4544 or to inquire about its range of services offering reputation management for celebrities.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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