IP Marketing | DesertIP.com Announces New Breed Of Home-Based IP Precision Marketing

November 14, 2015
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Summerlin, NV -- IP Targeting company DesertIP.com annouces the arrival of its home-based IP Precision Targeting, a new breed of IP Targeting that's industry altering. The newest innovation in online display advertising without a doubt is IP Targeting on a precision basis.

As with any new shiny toy the ad industry is awash with new terms such as geo-location, IP marketing, IP targeting, ZIP Code level, real-time conversions and other terms. These terms accurately refer to some element of the overall technology but they are not all the same, says Dorian Reed, spokesperson for DesertIP.com.

While both IP technologies are capable of converting IP addresses to a geographical location such as a basic ZIP Code, IP targeting as offered by DesertIP.com is capable of reaching specific residents of an advertisers audience by serving unique messages to them through banner display advertisement on a household level.

IP targeting utilizing "zone-based only" parameters is limited to a geographical area and is not as granular or surgical in its ad serving ability like "homebased" IP Targeting.  The difference between IP targeting and zone marketing is significant for example: an auto dealer can make use of DesertIP.com's vehicle database to create a "look-alike audience" by matching IP's with an auto owner right down to his "home address" (not zone), telephone number, vehicle VIN number, make, model and year. 

The efficiency and accuracy of IP targeting provides prospects with the more enjoyable web surfing experience by serving up ads that would interest them and can be served at a time and place that is convenient. It's true audience segmentation at its finest.

For more information regarding IP technology please visit : http://www.DesertIP.com


SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About DesertIp.com:

Realtime online IP targeting by matching IP addresses to physical mailing addresses. Serving IP targeted display ads & IP targeted video without cookies. Advertise direct to household level not zone.

Contact DesertIp.com:

Dorian Reed
10161 Park Run Ave.
Suite 150
Summerlin NV, 89145

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