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Cortes Law Firm: What You Need To Know About Health Care Power of Attorney

August 22, 2022
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Cortes Law Firm, an Oklahoma City based law firm, would like to talk about health care power of attorney and how it allows an individual to designate who will take care of their health and healthcare decisions, should they become incapacitated. Deciding who holds power of attorney before it becomes necessary is crucial since the injured party may not be in the ideal state of mind to make a sound decision. As such, a proactive approach can ensure the party in question can maintain total control over their future wellbeing.

“Health Care Power of Attorneys (HCPOAs) may be used to give an agent the legal authority to make healthcare decisions for you if you become unable or unwilling to make those decisions yourself,” says Cortes Law Firm. “The HCPOA is often called ‘proxy directives’ because they allow someone else (your ‘agent’ or ‘health care proxy’) to make healthcare decisions on your behalf in a manner that's very similar to how a durable power of attorney designates a person who can manage your financial affairs when you cannot. A HCPOA must comply with specific requirements under State law in order to be valid and binding. Health Care Power of Attorneys may be made effective only under certain conditions, such as when you are in an irreversible coma from which recovery is unlikely.”

Health care power of attorney becomes useful in situations where family members are unable to make important healthcare decisions or do not agree about what they believe the patient’s wishes would have been regarding a particular treatment option. HCPOA gives the designated person a great deal of flexibility to decide how best to proceed with medical treatment based on available information and their own understanding of the patient’s wishes. Cortes Law Firm recommends choosing an individual who can hold this responsibility before it becomes necessary. This will allow the ‘patient’ to communicate their wishes and give the other party a better understanding of what the patient would prefer in the event they are unable to voice their opinion.

Cortes Law Firm is a probate attorney and estate planning attorney that actively seeks to build a deep understanding of the unique needs of each client. They take the time to develop strong relationships with their clients, sitting down to discuss their goals and long-term objectives along with their concerns. They take pride in providing clients with personalized representation and make it their goal to deliver the best service as either estate planning attorneys or probate attorneys. A number of clients have left excellent reviews of the firm as a result, with high praise expressed regarding the personal touch they are able to provide in every consultation and interaction.

One client says in a glowing review, “Stephen Cortes welcomed me in his office for our initial consultation with honesty and optimism for what we could achieve with our situation. I had a few other consultations scheduled after his, but I knew after our talks he was the one I wanted to represent our side. It has been very pleasant and humbling to have someone dedicated to the individual needs and our group as a whole during the process. I could not be happier with the service Mr. Cortes provided, and the most important thing: availability. Thank you, Stephen, for everything!”

Another client shares that, “I came from out of state and had no idea what I was walking into when my brother passed without a will. My cousin did a quick search online and called the top 5. After hearing the situation, 4 of the 5 said that it would cost a minimum of $3,000 and tried to schedule a meeting. Steve was the only one who personally listened to the situation and didn't ask for a check, but a meeting. I was extremely satisfied with the results of our meeting. We discussed my situation thoroughly, and it cost nothing. In the end, there's always a cost, and I will gladly continue to use Steve because of his integrity, and he has earned my trust.”

For more information on Health Care Power of Attorney, visit the Cortes Law Firm’s website. Given the complexity of the legal processes involved, the firm strongly advises anyone who finds themselves in this position to contact their team immediately.

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