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EarlyBirds Partners With Women in Leadership Summit

August 05, 2022
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EarlyBirds, a self-described “Open Innovation Ecosystem”, is honoured to announce that they have partnered with the Women in Leadership Summit taking place in Sydney in November of 2022. The platform works to connect talented innovators doing new and exciting work with enthusiastic early adopter organizations looking for new technologies to adopt to make any and all parts of their organization run better or solve problems they may have across a variety of industries. They are partnering with the Women in Leadership Summit to help support closing the gender gap in businesses worldwide and connect with people who are working on finding ways to do that work.

The World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report 2022 found that the COVID-19 pandemic and multiple shocks in the global economy continue to hinder progress on closing the gender gap. EarlyBirds believes that the social order needs to prepare better for the future and to ensure that more women are entering the industries and professions of the future – and designing future economies. If technology-driven economies are to represent everybody, then society must ensure that more women are going into artificial intelligence, cloud computing, data, biotechnology and more, and becoming a core part of how we design these systems for the future. The Women in Leadership summit, which runs from November 22nd to the 25th, will provide valuable advice for women trying to climb the corporate ladder, and how leaders at all levels can become a mentor and champion of other women in their organizations and beyond. More information about the Women in Leadership Summit can be found at

According to Kris Poria, Cofounder and CEO of EarlyBirds, “Many economists believe that, to put the global economy on a more sustainable footing, embedding resilience and inclusion is key. This is because fresh energy, ideas and leadership will be critical to changing ways of doing things to move into the future as a better, stronger social order. As such, this is not the moment to roll back on gender parity – it is time to accelerate change, for all humans.”

According to Fortune magazine the right conditions for women are the same conditions under which anyone would thrive: encouragement; hands-on tech discovery in school; the presence of role models in leadership positions; mentorship; executive sponsorship; fair pay; workplace inclusion; and the flexibility to parent while employed. The great news is that substantially increasing women’s involvement in technology is not a zero-sum game. The technology skills gap is well-documented, and there are more than enough job openings in technology to go around.

According to Harvard Business Review, diverse teams outperform homogeneous ones. Gender diversity in particular has positive effects on radical innovation, a criterion that is crucial for tech companies. Some of the most successful companies now strongly believe that the best teams are made up of diverse talents — that the collective sum of individual differences is a significant factor in the race to success. However, reaching gender parity in IT is a challenge that many other companies deem infeasible. Closing the gender gap within an IT organization won’t be easy, but it’s an important task that will improve each team’s overall performance. According to Forbes, women are capable, resilient and effective. The bad news is women still face tremendous headwinds in terms of biases. But women can find their strength, express their voice and apply their talents. They can also shape the conditions for others, supporting and influencing the systems which make the world welcoming for women’s contributions. The state of women’s progress in the workplace and in leadership isn’t just a women’s issue. It is an issue for everyone.

EarlyBirds is pleased to be working with Early Adopter organisations and Innovators that supports closing the gender gap and enabling women in leadership roles. Customers can use the EarlyBirds platform and services to help guide businesses and individuals as to where they should be applying their talents to help close the gender gap. EarlyBirds has data on many types of industry innovators and their technology and services that is invaluable for support a business or an individual to shape strategies and outcomes.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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