Greenland NH Addiction Treatment Facility Posts Blog on the Stages of Alcoholism

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Greenland, New Hampshire’s Addiction Recovery Services (ARS) is one of the most respected treatment centers in its area when it comes to helping people get over substance dependency. But what those at this facility try to accomplish as far as helping others goes well beyond the reputable addiction treatment services that they offer. A good example of this is the many highly informational addiction-related blogs that ARS posts to its website. One of the most recent of which talks about the various stages of alcoholism.

This new ARS blog started by saying that those at their treatment facility realize that no one sets out to become an alcoholic. It also pointed out that one does not enter into a struggle with alcohol dependency (What the blog article termed ‘Alcohol Use Disorder’ or AUD) overnight because it often takes months or years for someone to feel the daily urge to drink alcoholic beverages in excess. Signs of AUD that were pointed out in the article include experiencing memory loss or blackouts, mood swings or irritability drinking becoming a priority over other responsibilities, drinking alone, isolation from family and friends, legal issues such as DUIs, and proper work habits being done unreliably. Next discussed was the four stages. This includes the first stage which is The Pre-Alcoholic Stage. A stage which is often referred to as the ‘at-risk’ stage. It’s also a stage that impacts many young people in their 20’s as they start binge drinking because of peer pressure at parties and other social events. Alcohol tolerance also begins during this stage.

The second stage is termed ‘Early-Stage Alcoholism’. Most notable during this stage is a cyclical pattern of drinking alcohol being established by a person. As alcohol impacts a person’s life more during this stage it often fuels even more drinking. Next mention as far as the stages of alcoholism go was ‘The Middle Alcoholic Stage’. Here many who are now suffering from AUD are keenly aware of that fact and start to try and hide their drinking or start to feel guilty about it. Surprisingly, the full extent of AUD is not always felt here because many can still perform job and family duties as other aspects of their lives start to become unraveled. The last stage of alcoholism that was discussed in this website posted ARS blog is appropriately titled ‘End-Stage Alcoholism’. At this point alcohol has completely taken over a user’s life and many adverse health conditions can start to show up too. The blog ended by going over some signs of problem drinking and clearly pointing out that treatment facilities such as they at ARS can often help those with AUD.

Other alcohol dependency-related blogs that ARS has posted to its website include such topics as Alcohol Overdose, Alcoholism Side Effects, Signs of Alcoholism, and Outpatient Alcohol Treatment. Other blogs ARS routinely posts on its website have to do with those that are related to cocaine, meth, fentanyl, heroine, and benzodiazepine addictions.

Those that have been helped by Addiction Recovery Services have left very positive reviews on this facility’s treatment programs. Britany Sewell stated, “The team at ARS went above and beyond in helping with my recovery. Their attention to who I am as a person, not just an addict, was deeply appreciated. I am full of gratitude for everything they did and continue to do for me.” Jeffrey Hudson proclaimed, “The clinicians at ARS are so helpful, knowledgeable, caring, and dedicated to helping each individual who is seeking treatment to achieve their goals, whatever they may be. They are always supportive no matter the circumstance, and truly dive into matters of addiction, mental health, communication, self-esteem, and so many other topics. Their onsite psychologist and PT are also very helpful and an excellent bonus to the program. I found I learned the same if not more than from the other group members and finally felt like I was not alone in this struggle. They also have an aftercare program for those who complete their IOP treatment for afterwards, which I personally find very helpful. I couldn’t recommend this program or the people enough.”

To read their blogs or to get more information on the treatments that Addiction Recovery Services offers one can simply refer to their website.

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