Selling A St Louis House With Code Violations Now Easier Than Ever With IBuySTL

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St. Louis, MO based iBuySTL is interested in helping people with problematic homes make a quick sale without all the hassle of dealing with the real estate market. Where a homeowner may otherwise have to grapple with the decision to spend money addressing their property’s code violations before they can even put it on the market, they will quickly discover that none of this is necessary when they work with a home buyer such as iBuySTL.

In addition to the simple measure of committing renovations or fixing up the house to make it more attractive to buyers, customers who turn to iBuySTL report previously experiencing difficulty getting their house up to code. Code violations make it nearly impossible to sell a house, which is understandable given that nobody wants to live on a property that is unsafe (or buy it only to have to pay more to fix it up). However, iBuySTL strongly believes in investing in local houses, and they have long been willing to take a chance on properties that many others are ready to give up on.

We Buy Houses St Louis

In practice, this means sellers can count on the company to present them with a fair cash offer (based on the prices of other houses in the neighborhood and other relevant factors), and iBuySTL will still be willing to go through with the purchase even if the house has numerous code violations. The company understands what it takes to bring a house to market, and their team is unfazed by such challenges. No matter what condition a house is in, from brand new to broken down and condemned, the company is willing to purchase it.

As a veteran-owned company, iBuySTL has a strong commitment to their community, and they want to help sellers who find themselves in this seemingly untenable position. An individual who is looking to sell their house fast is unlikely to have the funds, time or patience to expend making it whole prior to sale, and the fact that they have to pay to restore it defeats the purpose of selling it for quick cash. With iBuySTL, however, all of these problems vanish. See more here: We Buy Houses St Louis.

The process is both simple and fast. The team will show up and present the owner with a fair cash offer within 24 hours of learning about their interest in selling. There is no obligation to accept this offer, so the seller is free to reject it and turn elsewhere if they so wish. However, should they want to move forward, they are entitled to pick the closing date and let the company get to work. Many customers elect to close in as few as seven days (the earliest the company can close), but they are always free to take more time if necessary. There are no fees or commissions to pay either, and the company even handles all the associated paperwork on the customer’s behalf.

A review from K. Campbell illustrates the typical experience a customer will have with this company. The review says, “iBuySTL has been so wonderful to work with in selling my mom's house. I contacted them after hearing their ad on the radio and immediately knew I made the right decision! From the first point of contact, I always had my questions answered in a timely manner and received a great offer with absolutely no headache on my end. I would recommend this route to anyone who is looking for a smooth, easy and quick sale of their house! Thank you again to the amazing team at iBuySTL!”

Another review from W. Lalumondiere says, “iBuySTL was very professional and easy to work with. The process was quick and easy. We agreed on a price, the team did their due diligence, and we closed in two weeks. They paid the closing cost and did everything they said they would do. I recommend utilizing their services.”

The team at iBuySTL has already helped hundreds of St. Louis customers get rid of unwanted properties for fast cash, and they look forward to continuing this vital service for years to come. Anyone can request a zero-obligation cash offer from the company by getting in touch with one of their representatives. More information can be found here: Sell My House Fast St Louis.

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IBuySTL has been recognized as one of the top buyers of houses in Missouri. We’ve bought and sold hundreds of homes throughout St. Louis and the surrounding areas.

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