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EarlyBirds Helping Early Adopter Organizations with Innovation Experimentation

July 14, 2022
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EarlyBirds, an Australian company that has created a global open innovation ecosystem that allows for early adopters, innovators, and subject matter experts (SMEs) to work together in accelerating technology advancement and adoption in an organisation, wants to emphasise that they can help organisations with regards to experimentation, which is vital in innovation. EarlyBirds can provide the environment for key people to learn about innovative solutions they can try and experiment on until they find the appropriate innovative solutions to adopt. Organisations can get insights on how to improve their technology adoption by becoming an early adopter at EarlyBirds. More information on this can be obtained at

Experimentation is vital in innovation because people require feedback in order to learn. If an organisation does not allow people to experiment, there will be no feedback and people will not learn new things. Also, without experimentation or trying new things, there would be no feedback and people will never get over their old habits. People tend to keep doing certain things, which is the antithesis to innovation, because they are familiar and comfortable with them and doesn’t involve doing the untried and untested.

Frequent experimentation that provides frequent feedback through trial and error, can lead to organisations and their employees embracing innovation easily because they are no longer dealing with something they are not familiar with. Feedback allows them to become familiar with these innovative methods. In this way, experimentation serves as the vehicle that allows people to accept new things because they themselves have tried them and have experienced the benefits offered by these innovations.

According to an article in Forbes, promoting innovation requires a developer-centric mindset all throughout the organisation. Fortunately, there is no need to have a developer to promote such a developer-centric culture. What is required is to internalise the philosophy, provide models for the appropriate behaviours, and set what is expected to result from the deep interactions between technical and non-technical business executives. Making the transition from technology to business to customer is vital to overcome any potential failures in connecting. Developer centric organisations thrive on uncertainty and digital transformation is essential when navigating uncertainty.

With the rapid changes in today’s business environment, companies need to keep up by being able to transform rapidly, which means they need to experiment as a method to finding innovative ways to allow the organisation to improve, and this has to be never ending. This has to be an ongoing task and not just a “project” that will end at a certain time. That is why exposing key people from an organisation to innovators and their innovative products and services is vital for companies to thrive in the current environment that is filled with uncertainty.

Meanwhile, those startups, scaleups and mature companies that have developed or are developing innovative solutions can take part in the EarlyBirds open innovation ecosystem and get to engage with possible customers. Together with early adopters and SMEs, they can work together and come up with technological solutions that benefit everyone. Technology innovators know more about becoming part of EarlyBirds by checking out

The EarlyBirds open innovation ecosystem has two primary components – its award-winning platform with over 4 million innovators and two enabling programs. The first one is the Explorer program that can help in accelerating the technological innovation process for the whole organisation as a service. The Explorer program has a number of important features, including regular webinars to help stimulate innovation in the organisation; quarterly and monthly innovation days; a nominated SME for the business; a platform enterprise license; and a focus on specific types of innovation. The second is the Challenger program, which is for organisations wanting to concentrate on just one particular problem or challenge at a time. EarlyBirds also offers the Edzlity framework that organisations can utilise to help with their continuous improvement efforts with the goal of enhancing their competitive edge and organisational agility.

People who are interested in the Early Birds Marketplace and how they can help organisations in innovation experimentation can visit the EarlyBirds website at

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Early Birds is a B2B platform for Innovators (Startups/Scaleups/Mature), Early Adopter organisations and SME consultants to solve business challenges.

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