JSG Action Coach: Now Is The Time To Hire A Business Coach

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San Diego, CA based JSG Action Coach, a business coaching service, would like to invite business owners to get in touch today. While many might say that they are not sure when the right time to hire a business coach is — before the business has its Grand Opening, after a few months of operation or after years of doing business — JSG holds the opinion that there is no time better than the present to do so.

Julie Seal-Gaustad of JSG Action Coach offers scheduled coaching sessions for business owners who are looking to improve their income, get more and better clients, get their time back to spend with family and doing things they enjoy, and/or build systems and a solid team. She learned everything she knows about doing business and helping it grow from personal experience, having started, grown and sold her own profitable business. After countless sleepless nights with no results, non-stop work without profit, struggling with being overwhelmed and feeling trapped by her own business, she hired a business coach who showed her how to build a 7-figure business that worked without her. She started her business to create freedom, but found herself trapped under the weight of keeping it afloat before she decided to get the help she needed to turn it into a viable path to financial freedom. Today, she makes it her mission to pass on the lessons she learned.

The idea behind building a business is to make it possible to afford the life that one desires and deserves. Every entrepreneurial journey begins with an individual who is passionate about something, who wishes to build on their passions and draw an income from it. In time, the goal is to earn a standard of financial freedom. Notably, businesses also exist to impact lives, whether that means providing more jobs or freeing up the owner to spend time with their family — or earning enough money to effect positive change in their community.

“You work hard, but understand that it’s important to take time off,” Seal-Gaustad says. “You work for your clients, but you want your own schedule. You want to create the right culture for your team, but you don’t quite have it yet. You know systems are key to growth, but you’re not clear on how to get there. Working together, we'll ensure the systems in your business allow you to focus on the tasks you love and allow you the freedom to fire yourself from the tasks you hate. JSG Action Coach helps you develop the processes to get top-quality leads, bigger and better clients, a more engaged team, increased revenue with more profit and ultimately more time and freedom to have the life you dream of. Allowing fate to make decisions in your business will lead to your purpose and potential going unrealized. Let’s take fate out of the driver's seat and take action.” Julie started her first marketing business with zero funding or experience in 2009, and with the help of a business coach turned her lack of experience into an award-winning, nationwide 7-figure business, providing hundreds of jobs annually. She made many mistakes along the way, and learned from every one of them.

When Julie started her first business, an opportunity arose to work directly with a brand as a brand ambassador, and she used this opportunity to start her experiential marketing firm, Mirus Agency. She strived to balance the company and working on her Master’s degree, and she eventually managed to grow the company organically to the point she had little idea how to progress further (especially since she had no employees). She then made a massive change to her business by hiring a business coach who provided her with a business growth plan that paid off almost immediately, doubling her revenue and increasing net profit in the first year. She also hired six people in her first year.

Over time, the business turned into a way for her to provide jobs and opportunities for a lot of people. It paid for her wedding, helped fund multiple vacations per year, and much more. She took two entire months off after having her son, and when she returned,she worked just three days a week and could leave the company entirely for months at a time without having to worry about the business, as it was running itself.

To see details about virtual and in person coaching, refer to this recent press release:

Get in contact with Julie Seal-Gaustad through her coaching business’ Facebook page, which can be found at More information can also be found on the coaching organization’s website.

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