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Preferred House Buyers Makes Property Sales Convenient Throughout Houston

May 16, 2022
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Houston, TX based Preferred House Buyers is standing by to help homeowners sell their unwanted property as fast as possible. The company asserts that their team is able to purchase houses in a short timeframe, and they do not require that the owner commit expensive renovations or repairs prior to making the sale. In fact, the company buys houses no matter what condition they are in. They also recently expanded into Conroe, more information about the expansion can be found at

Preferred House Buyers specializes in making the house-selling process as straightforward and quick as possible, which offers sellers a massive benefit. To begin with, selling a house on the conventional real estate market can be incredibly tiresome, especially since the owners will constantly have to invest in its upkeep and curb appeal over time to ensure that it always looks its best and will be more likely to attract a serious buyer. Unfortunately, even homes that are expected to be attractive can spend upwards of several months — or even years — waiting for such buyers to appear, and even then there is no guarantee that the sale will actually go through. A change of mind at the last minute, the buyer finding themselves unable to secure financing or any of a number of other situations can put the seller back at square one, waiting for another party to show interest at some point in the future.

Preferred House Buyers

“Many of our customers wish to sell a house for a very specific reason,” Preferred House Buyers says, “and that reason tends to be that they need a quick infusion of cash to deal with some kind of emergency. If selling your home is now your best option for making some quick cash, your plans will quickly be ruined once your house spends longer than it should waiting for a buyer. This can have drastic consequences.”

The company also acknowledges that many customers may simply prefer not to have to deal with the time-consuming and energy-draining real estate market at all. Some real estate agents require the property to be available for open house events, for instance, and this can create a great deal of inconvenience for the owner (or their tenants) if they are still in residence. Some may wish to purchase a home elsewhere but have to sell off their old property to meet their goals.

Similarly, certain sellers may not wish to invest in upkeep or repairs, but the company is still likely to be interested in buying their house. Preferred House Buyers keeps funds on standby to ensure that they are always ready to produce the cash for any offer they make, and this includes houses that need a lot of work to be made habitable once more. The company shares that some of their customers actually inherited old properties that were in this condition, but they were unfortunately not in a position to bring the property back up to code. Luckily for them, Preferred House Buyers does not mind purchasing such properties, and they always make a fair offer based on current market conditions.

Preferred House Buyers has received a great deal of praise from the people they have worked with. Across Houston, their name is synonymous with speed, efficiency and professional conduct, and much of their business comes as a result of past customers recommending their services to friends and family. Preferred House Buyers is a trusted name in the communities they serve, and this is evident in their customers’ testimonials.

“Ray completely met and even exceeded our expectations with our house,” says one customer. “He was always very prompt in his communication, and we felt very comfortable working with him! He was very experienced and answered all our questions in detail. We feel very fortunate to have had him helping us. Highly recommended!”

Preferred House Buyers charges no commission fees, and sellers do not have to pay an intermediary to work with the company. The only transaction that takes place throughout the process is the cash the company will pay once the owner accepts their offer — and Preferred House Buyers clarifies that customers are under no obligation to accept it if they do not like it.

With Preferred House Buyers, sellers can often receive an offer for their property in a matter of hours, and the sale may be concluded a matter of days after. Anyone interested can call or email the company today to get started. More information can also be found here:

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