CDMG Metal Building Wins Contract to Supply Wind Turbine Metal Building to the Port of Albany

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Canonsburg, Pennsylvania -

Canonsburg, Pennsylvania - CDMG Metal Buildings, a metal building company based in Canonsburg, PA, has announced that they have been awarded a $42.7 million contract by the Port of Albany to supply four metal buildings to create the centerpiece of the nation’s first offshore wind tower manufacturing plant. The contract was awarded during a special meeting of the port district commission to allow a joint venture to begin manufacturing wind towers and other parts by the end of 2023.

CDMG is scheduled to ship the first pre-engineered wind turbine metal building to the port by late September or early October, with the remaining three buildings to be completed in the fall. The buildings will range in size from a 67,000 square foot building to be used for assembly work to a 292,000 square foot building to be used for welding and metal plate work, with the total amount of office, manufacturing, and assembly space amounting to 590,000 square feet. The offshore wind turbine factory will be erected on that 82-acre space the port acquired in Bethlehem in 2018. A separate 20,000-square-foot building that was not included in the CDMG contract will be erected on a 14-acre location in Albany.


The wind tower factory will be employing 550 workers, including electricians, welders, painters, assembly workers, and support staff. Wind turbine sections of up to 33 feet in diameter and 164 feet long will be fabricated in the offshore manufacturing plant. They will also be making transition components, which will connect the wind tower to the foundation. These transition pieces will be up to 115 feet in length and up to 1.76 million pounds in weight. The whole project is part of the plan of the New York State to build 9,000 megawatts of offshore wind turbines along the Atlantic Coast by 2035.

CDMG Metal Buildings is one of the top metal building companies in the US, and they believe that the metal building is ideal for manufacturing plants for fabricating wind turbines. A wind turbine is used to transform the kinetic energy from the wind into electric power. The blades of the wind turbine will rotate from 13 to 20 revolutions per minute, depending on the technology that is used in the turbine. And the velocity of the rotor will vary depending on the speed of the wind. Wind turbine manufacturing plants will need a unique set of building features. Pre-engineered metal buildings are suitable because steel manufacturing buildings can be designed according to their specific application. Also, steel building manufacturing kits have clear-span framing to allow for the optimization of square footage. Thus, pre-engineered metal buildings offer the design flexibility required for successful wind turbine manufacturing, from equipment specific for wind turbines to functional efficiency.

A prefabricated metal building kit is the ideal choice for wind turbine fabricating facilities because efficiency is a top priority for the wind turbine industry. A metal manufacturing facility can offer a reliable site for operations. Also, the steel building kits are versatile and capable of meeting the requirements of a wind turbine fabricating plant. It is also possible to design or alter a metal building kit in order to comply with one’s specific manufacturing infrastructure so that the use of the space will be highly efficient. And prefabricated metal buildings are also cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and versatile.

Founded in 1991, CDMG Metal Buildings is one of the country’s leading engineering companies serving industrial customers. At CDMG, they understand that the success of construction projects is dependent on effective teamwork among the project participants, good engineering and design principles, and thorough planning and scheduling. They offer regular, detailed reporting to ensure that a project is running smoothly. They value the importance of the safety of their job sites and the people working on them.

Those interested in learning more about the contract for CDMG to supply metal buildings for a wind tower facility can check out the CDMG Metal Buildings website or contact them on the phone or through email.

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